Hello everyone

I'm new to the forum and this is day 20 for me. I've been watching and waiting for my account to be approved - it took a while but I'm on now! This is my third serious go and the last 2 times I've made it to 6 months and blown it all away by thinking I could just have one or two. I've been smoking for more than 30 years and know that I now need to knock it on the head for good before I hit 50. I'm constantly working on my mindset and I definitely feel a lot happier now that I'm smoke-free. Weekends are hardest but I just keep on reminding myself why I'm doing this. Before I stopped, I was always worried about the effect on my health and felt ashamed to be a smoker. Now I feel chuffed that I don't have to try and hide it. My fingers don't need to be scrubbed with a pumice stone, my hair and breath don't stink and I can breathe easier. The hacking cough has gone. I'm taking it a day at a time and I'm looking forward to not having,to think about it too much!

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  • Thank you. 😃

  • Oops. Can't do a smiley!

  • Wow 3 weeks done tomorrow then :D

    Well done

    This place is a gold mine of not just support but lots of information that can help you in your quit so don't be afraid to post or ask any questions you have

    Obviously the best thing about this place is that everyone here has the same end goal and that is to win there freedom back from smoking

    Onwards and upwards is the only way to do that


  • you are a week ahead of me, well done you :) x

  • Thanks Carole. It seems like a long time and not such a long time. Early days and I joined the forum because it's tough going it alone and I'm fed up of chatting to myself when the going gets tough! The last 2 times, I didn't join a forum but read in the background. This time I want to be more accountable - if you know what I mean.

  • How are you doing it Caroline? I'm using patches and lozenges but eating way too many lozenges!

  • You're more than 2 weeks ahead of me! You are doing amazingly well!

  • Hi just popped my head in to say bag hello, great to have you with us.. WOW already 20 days in done and dusted,, let's make this the one.

    Any problems get on here post and someone will reply, such a wonderful forum.

    Just keep going

  • hi Betty, in answer to your question it is cold turkey for me after a nasty virus. couldn't inhale a cigarette - and believe me i tried! penny finally dropped and i thought what am i doing? so 14 days, am fidgety and needing cake x am a bit envious you are ahead of the game by a week!

  • Hi Betty,

    A big welcome to the forum from me too. 20 days (21 days now :D) is fantastic- good on you!

    The weekends, like all the trigger-points, do get easier and whilst it seems impossible to imagine I promise it really does reach a point where thoughts of smoking are but fleeting moments that pass in the blink of an eye. Like you, I was determined to quit once & for all before I hit 50 and I did achieve my goal. I don't regret it for a moment (any pain was more than offset by all the wonderful gains) and nor will you.

    You'll find all the support, advice and companionship you could ever need from the wonderful forum family and I for one shall look forward to your posts and to hearing how things are panning out for you. :)

  • Thank you Skiddaw. It's good to hear from someone who has the same motivations and has achieved success.

  • You'll be exactly where I am in less than a year from now Betty, and I promise that the months will soon be flying by. :)

    Incidentally, to do smilies, click on the smily face on the top right of the box where you write your post. A range of smilies will appear under the box and you just click on them to add them to your text. Like this...:D

  • I tried that but still no smileys. Just can't get them to work. :-)

  • Hello from me my name is Mariola, I'm happy to be here :)


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