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Hello everyone


Hi guys,

I came across this group by accident to be honest. I googled a side effect of quitting smoking and this forum popped up. Glad to be here as this forum I'm sure will help me and in turn I could possibly help others to stay quit!!!

I've smoked for 27 years, and quit a few times but never really cracked it.

This time round I'm so determined.

As of midnight New Years eve I had my last cigarette, and I feel great!!!!


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Welcome to the forum Ian. Congratulations on your quit so far. I found the forum by accident too and I am so pleased I did. Look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

Hi Sally, thank you for the welcome. Looking forward to getting to know more people in the same boat as myself.:D

Just to welcome you aboard, such a lovely group of people, so your in the right place to progress with your quit.

Doing so very well, are you ct, or using patch gum, ect?

Great to have you with us and so look forward to your up dates, any issues please post as usually someone around to help.

A warm welcome from me Ian and well done on your first 11 days smoke free! This forum is worth it's weight in gold for sure!

Thanks guys, yes sorry forgot to mention I've gone complete Cold Turkey this time round. I tried all the other methods pretty much and for me this seems to be the best way. :)

Wow I do admire anybody who quits cold turkey and on New Year's Day.

Hi Ian. Welcome to the forum. I gave up on New Years Day too and there are a few of us at the same stage. On the forums, there are different rooms for each stage of your quit. We are currently in week 2. Well done on getting this far, cold turkey and on your own.

Welcome Ian - I'm another Cold Turkey Jan 2015 quitter, currently in week 2 with Kentquitter et al. Lovely to have you on board :D

Welcome Ian

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Well done for stopping, and welcome to the forum. You should be past the worst now!

Hi ian, I quite 30.12 so about the same time. I found this forum the same way as you. It is such a good idea, if I ever need to just say how I feel then I know I can post it here and after a few replies I can feel good again and stay smoke free

Welcome Ian, great accidental discovery Sir! And congrats on your quit!

The people on here are boody great and will keep you on your toes, you are in good hands.

A big welcome from me too, Ian (no more windy jokes I promise ;))

I do so admire CT quitters. I know I couldn't have done it and all power to you for not only doing it but doing it with a whole lot of style and panache.

As the others have said, you couldn't have stumbled on a better place. The lovely forum community will share the good times and the pants times with you and you'll find all the advice, support and companionship you could possibly need.

I shall look forward to hearing how it is all going. :)

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