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Day 10

I'm on Day 10. I don't feel any better but I'm fine from a physical withdrawal point of view. I just feel the same.

Last week i only lost 1lb despite being super good. Not been so good this week, although its too hot to eat much so its been mainly icecreams!

I think I need to start going to the gym soon. I meant to start this week, but I'm worried I may melt!

My sleep seems to be all over the place, although how much of that is the heat and how much is quitting smoking I'm not sure any more.

I've been crazy busy the last week and I guess thats helped. I still want to smoke. I still keep getting up to have one, but then i don't and its ok. The world doesn't stop!

I've been really emotional the last couple of days. The reason I quit is to have an operation (in 8 weeks) and i really don't want to have it. (I have a choice - It wont kill me if i don't) So the last few days I'm thinking I shouldn't. I'm not sure if its the junkie thinking thing where if i don't have it I can smoke, or if i really don't want it, but I just keep crying about it all the time.... Very confusing!

I'm still not sure if I want to quit. I enjoyed smoking. I didn't enjoy the fact that I did it all the time. Why can't it be something I can just have once a month and enjoy it and then genuinly not want it anymore often. I can do that with Chocolate. Why are cigs any different. Its not fair!

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Hi bubbie

If the cigs didn't harm us we probably wouldn't be talking about this now, you are sure you want to quit, it's Mr Nic that's telling you it's better for you to have one, that it's going to make you feel better, and you know what, apart from the huge guilt you are going to feel you prob will feel better for about an hour and then to make you feel better again you will need to light up another one and there you have it the never ending story.

I also enjoyed smoking I think most of us did, but again when we were there, a lot of times when we thought "I didn't want that one" but we still smoked it, and what about the cost omg how rich would we all be if we didn't have this horrible habit, no we don't want to light up another one and keep the govt coffers overflowing with money or our lungs overflowing with gunk. Think on it before you take that plunge, you can do this, you can, we are cheering for you, you can do this😄😊☺️😉


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