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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 coughng alot

Hi people. Finally reached double figures. :D However with the df has come a really horrible cough. I'm not coughing any lurgys up nor have I got a sore throat. Its just now when I speak my voice either gurgles or croaks or I have a coughing fit! Anybody else4 have this or is it something I should see the Dr about?


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Hi Karen

From about Day 9-12 I had a severe cough... and nothing was coming up. I went to doctor, he listened to my lungs and said it was mild asthma, he have me prednisone, 5 days worth, and then said to get some buckleys cough congestion syrup to start assisting my lungs in starting to cough plegm up. it helped tremendously. after 7 days, if you are still hacking, head to the doc, could be something else. Right now im in the sore throat/plegm stages and it is aweful.


Absolutely x x

You have that layer on your lungs that continual smoking keeps sticking it down. Now as a non smoker it has been given the chance to loosen off and expel it's self from the location of your lungs nice :D

It's all pretty normal sorry :( should become more productive soon, then you'll see some champion brown phlegm :)

Of course as Harpe says if your unsure or it becomes painful seek medical advice x chest infections, asthma or pneumonia is not very nice!


Thanks for the replies. Guess hubby picked the right 2 wks to go away.Hehates people coughing on the train,the tube,at home anywhere! Buffy thanks for telling me what I have to look forward to in a few says. Brown phlegm - LOVELY (not)lol. I will check with the dr if it ain't getting productive etc as you suggested harpe. BTW is it your good self that is on Zyban like me? Any side effects? I dont seem to (so far) Can't say I still don't think about:) cigs or get cravings but the withdrawal side seems to havebeen easier this time (no.5)


OK I admit it. I thought I'd managed to avoid 'brain fog' . I read lack of concentration was a POSSIBLE side effect and I reckoned that one didn't apply to me W R O N G !!!!! Yes folks YESTERDAY was day 10 not today !!!! Thick or what??? Just for the record I am on day 11 (i think!)lol



Hi Kazza

I think there called Brain "farts" and yes i have had soooo many :D

Yeah i am on zyban, 300 mg a day and i Looove it. There are no noticeable side effects, with the exception of slight dizzyness when you begin the treatment. This is my second attempt on zyban, the first i wasnt taken the correct dose and also had no willpower, which you also strongly need. Congrats on day 11, we can all do this together thats for sure.


Harpe - I totally agree with you on the willpower aspect. I admit that I thought at first that taking zyban would be a "walk in the park" no willpower needed - GOD was I wrong.Yes I admit it this has been easier than my last quits ( 4 of em) but I still get the odd cravings at times. Although I realise this is earrly days and I have been assured by folk that this feeling is only temporary.


Yep, for sure it is no walk in the park, personally the patch, the chewing gum, the lil fake cigarette deal cartridge's, did not work just made the temptation to smoke stronger. I have had some wicked cravings, lasting under 5-6 minutes, to the pioint where i have to have a steamy hot shower to inhale the steam. i also have had/am having some crazy sore throats and pleghm mixed, dizzyness, huhhhmmm... :(


Hi again harpe-- got to ask do you have dreams of smoking a fag? I do . Quite amusing really - at least itsthe 0nly 'safe cig' we've had!! But I must say I've never had any@palpitations or phycotic thought(spelt completetly wrong) My only query is when I stop it(in 4 wks time) will I suddenly get the urge 4 a cig?



hi kazza

haha yes i have dreamnt smoking mmmm, it was so nice but came to reality when i woke up. When you decrease from your zyban, you will feel tired. im going down to 150 MG a day of zyban and so far so good. I will not get off completlely though.


Brain Farts

'Brain Farts' Excellent I love it! I am going to use that expression for the rest of my 'Brain Farting' Days :D

Ty Harpe x x


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