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I'm back!!!

It's been a while since I've posted on here. I kept checking in from time to time and recognise a couple of people on the forum. I am a serial quitter. And I am determined to succeed.

This time I am again using a combination of patches and quickmist spray. The difference this time is that I haven't told anyone. My partner finally figured out last night that I am quitting so that has prompted me to come back on here. I am currently on day 6.

The last couple of days have been made easier by having a snoop on the board and seeing what others are going through. At the moment I am just seeing how far I can go before I really need a smoke. I hope in time this will become my forever quit but at the moment it is still hour by hour... I can always have one if I need one. I think it's easier keeping that thought.

Anyway, glad to be back and look forward to renewing some friendships and making some new ones.

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Hi Mark :)

Nice to meet you - I too had dozens of failed quits before this one - which I hope is my final, too!

It's interesting that you didn't tell anyone - I didn't mention it at first either. My partner noticed quite quickly, because we were on holiday and together 24/7, but neither of us spoke of it until day three! I hope it works out for you - keep saying NOPE :)

Good luck x


Hi Incy

You seem to be doing really well. And to stop while on holiday is an amazing achievement - most people dread holidays lol. I look forward to getting to know you a bit better.

I thought that if I didn't shout it from the rooftops then it means less pressure and so far it has proven to be the right thought. I am doing this for me but still just taking it hour by hour, always keeping that thought that if I really do want a smoke then I can have one. Even with my partner last night I said I was just seeing how long I could go. It's still to early to say I have quit, or even attempting to quit, so it's a case of how long I can go at the minute. In the past I have let my guard down and gotten complacent so this is an entirely new approach for me and hopefully it works.


Haha, I found the total change of routine/location really helped, Mark. Also I hadn't thought, but having no-one there who knew me as a smoker/quitter did take the pressure off...

And complacency was always my issue, too - would stop for a week or two, 'decide' to have just one, and bingo, back on 20 a day...not this time though!

I think I AM doing really well, however have noticed the last week or two have been 'missing' smoking again, which had stopped for a good couple of months. Annoying, but I'll fight my way through, fingers crossed!


It's good to be back Karri. I look at every previous quit attempt as a lesson, a bump in the road to freedom. We all know how hard it can be and I'm glad to see you are still here. I was always in awe of your resilience so I have no doubt that you will get there. Just keep going a bit at a time and we will both look back and laugh, I'm sure of it.


Welcome back I too am a serial quitter but this time has lasted longer than others, 15 weeks and 2 days. Although I'm doing ok this time I still don't feel confident enough to believe I'm a true non smoker, so it's still day by day for me too.


Hi Mark

Welcome back I know it's not what you really wanted to happen to be back to square one, but I really do admire you for your determination to succeed and this is going to be the one !!.

I too kept my quit quiet, on the 3rd day my husband realised what I was doing, I didn't tell my kids until I had past the 2 week stage and a couple of people at work after the 3 week stage.

I too have some cigarettes at home which can be really good or really bad, I had a moment on my day 30 where I had a blip, I guess if I had to go and buy some it may have been different, but I got straight back onto the program again, and I still have them at home as my security blanket.

My husband and 1 of my kids is still smoking so that hasn't really helped, but if I didn't have them here I think I would go into panic mode so time will tell.

Well done for you we are with you, keep posting your updates 😛


I had a slip up at the weekend with an unexpected major drinking session so I'm right back to day 1. I will post in day 1 tho cos if I don't I'll only be cheating myself.


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