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The feel after 38 years

Okay, lets be true to ourselves.

I considered myself as a heavy smoker ( 40 per day) and with the help of Champix reduced immediatly to 7 per day, then 5, then 3 , then 1 and Walla on day 24 nothing,,Zero, not even a puff.

How do I feel: well, not as good as everebody said it will feel.(No, not grumpy and no bad dreams)

But, I am tired, go to bed 20h00 and wake up at 04h15 (My normal time) tired.

During the day I am tired.

Maybe an after effect of the Champix ?

Some nights the coughing never stops and I really hope it will stop in near future.

Ja, OK, I battered my body with poisen for 38 years and now after two days I want it to be as good as new.

Maybe I must just be patient and the good feeling will eventually come.:cool:

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I think you've got it there, Hercu - your body AND mind has got 38 years of poisoning to recover from - give it time. It will get better - and until it does, celebrate your achievements - ok you might not be feeling brilliant, but you're doing what you set out to do - you're winning! And that's pretty great :)

Good luck x


Hi Hercu

You are doing really really well, and your not feeling well but heh this is going to take some time for your body to heal, 24 days is really good odds, so keep it up and I'm sure in a few days time you will feel the effect of what you have done, look forward to your updates :0)


As far as I know it's normal to feel really tired all the time. I went from ciggies to e ciggies and all I wanted to do was sleep, the good news is it didn't last for more than a couple of weeks. I'm not sleeping brilliantly at the moment but have read that we probably won't need as much sleep anymore. I think it's a case of finding the happy medium. All I know is I'm nowhere near as tired now as I was a few weeks ago. Stay strong


Hi Hercu........I was taking champix, and I am sure it is in part responsible for increasing my sleeping hours. I have used it on 3 quits, felt very tired (but I believe stopping smoking in itself does that ) and this time have made the transition from using champix to tailing off and still not smoking. My tiredness seems to be reducing now, although I am still taking an antidepressant which I think is also contributing to how much I sleep.

My morning hack, which was slipping into waking me up during the night at times, stopped almost immediately, but my lungs are much tighter now than prior to stopping. I hope that will get better in time. there will be subtle improvements for you I hope, but do not be fooled that you are not having any benefits from stopping. but nor will we ever be superhuman. Have a look at people's posts in the post-1 year room who have come back to tell us how their quits are still going well. Not one of them regrets stopping and I doubt there is one who says their health is worse as a result of not smoking.

Best to you as a non-smoker. Don't let Nic's insidious undermining excuses hook you. You've made the right decision.


Hercu, it can take a long time for your body a long time to repair, especially after smoking so much for so many years. It's not going to take as long to recover as it did to smoke so many, but you have to allow for the fact your body is having to adjust and repair itself. You can start some light (and I mean very light) exercise to help build back the energy. Also, keep a diary of how you've been feeling or felt over the past week (you don't have to write every day), and I'm sure you will start to recognize more changes than you expected. Still, don't expect to feel like a 20-year athlete any time soon. I can take several weeks and even months just to get that 'refreshed' feeling, but it's well worth the wait.


Thank you once again.

Yes, surely it is that little Devil sitting on the shoulder and trying to convince me that I felt better whilst smoking.

But as we now it is a false good feeling that only lasts till the next sigarette.

Must say: the coughing during the night subsided and the airways feels open.

It is just to get that "Oemf" back now.

Luckily in my job I am 20% in the office and 80% in the open air.

Walk+/- 5 km per day and some times do some physical work.

Thank you Alex and "Karri" for the encouragement and will really like to be the old Hercu again BUT: without the cloud of smoke and the smell :eek:​


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