37 and 1/2 days, but really ......who's counting?

Just popped in for a quick hello and to make sure everyone is behaving themselves:rolleyes: Just In case anyone was wondering or actually even noticed:) I've haven't been around for a few days - but no worries I'm doing ok and actually miss you guys!!!!

Its been a bit of a weird patch for me right now, and I just needed to re-direct my focus on some things. None of it is quit related, its just real life stuff that happens whether someone smokes or not - but, Yep I'm still holding my own!! Come hell or high water, I will continue on this path of being a non-smoker:) I love it....

I'm sure to be back to posting soon.…as life always has a way of sorting itself out...right? :rolleyes:

Happy what ever day it is, guys and stay strong...xxx

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  • I haven't been in here for a while either Que. Glad you are still going strong with your quit :) I'm doing really well too, love being a non smoker, even my crazed eating is starting to fade a wee bit and 4lbs dropped off last week without me noticing, we'll be able to give those elastic waists back soon hopefully :)

  • Aaah Ananke - totally glad to hear from you!!!!:):):) Well done - Isn't it grand to be a non-smoker, and congrats on ditching those 4 lbs without even noticing no less!!!

    I have decided the eating frenzy has also become a thing of the past, and I'm just now starting to assess the damage - and yeah its doable and those elastic waist pants will serve as a huge incentive. for me......Talk soon:)...xx

  • Hi Que xxx sorry you are having a tough time :( Actually I was wondering where you were, and also Celestine doesn't seem to have been here for ages?

    You have been such a gorgeous, supportive, funny poster on here, always there to commiserate or encourage so whatever is going on for you - know that WE love you. Loads! xx Hope you get this before you go to sleep xx

    Hugs xxx

  • Thanks Hattie - the hugs were definitely welcome - and you either made me blush or I just had a hot flash not quite sure which:-) ..xx

    Yeah - kind of worried about Celestine too, it has been a while since she posted...

  • Hi Que, good to hear you're doing okay with your 37.5 day non-smoker status. Hope all is okay with you?

  • Thank you walkabout – I'm loving my now 38.5 smoke free days :-) and seriously I'm doing okay.

  • Hi Que

    Been missing myself, life gets in the way. Missed you all too, don't like when I can't keep up with what's going on. You're doing great Que really amazing - and losing count is a good sign eh. Hope things get better in general life but smoking wise you're flying x

  • Hi AnnMarie xx Good to see you :) :)

  • Good to see you too AnnMarie - and yes life in general does tend to get in the way at times, and keeping up is hard - but loosing track of certain things once in a while, is not really so bad - just praying I don't loose too much of it.... xx

  • Gosh, Que, and Ananke in one post! Glad you're both going strong - I too have been paying only flying visits.

    Que, I love that you're adding half days :) xx

  • The half days are certainly a throw back from being a kid, when 12 ½ was so much better than 12. I've grown up a bit since then and wouldn't be caught dead doing that with my age now - but I'm totally okay with using it in my quit ….:-)

  • Thanks everyone I'm actually doing ok, Its my husbands Dad - He is 87 and has been hospitalized 4 times in the last 3 weeks, but back in hospital again now. Has some fluid in his lungs and kidney problems. Doctors aren't sure of the prognosis at this point.

    Mother-in-law is pretty much a basket case and causing my poor husband some extra stress that he doesn't really need right now. So when his cup runneth over – yep, you get the idea:-)) Its just all so very sad ........

    Family is starting to arrive from out of town and many of them will be staying with us:eek: really won't have much time to think about smoking, so I guess that's probably a good thing.....but I have a sneaky feeling my alcohol consumption is likely to increase quite a bit – maybe I should just considered that, as an added bonus:rolleyes:

  • Sorry to hear this Que - I second what Hattie said - we all love you and you're ace. Good luck with everything xx

  • Oh yeah!!!

  • Hang in ther Que, thinking about you in this sad moment, it's going to be tough but you are a strong person , if alcohol takes over for a little bit that will be covered as well when the time is right, do what you feel is right at this time, keep strong thinking about you xx

  • Hope you and hubby are doing ok Que x

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