Day 37

The days seem to fly past now. How are my quit buddies doing. I dont think we have lost anyone yet.

Do you still have cravings or is it passing now. I have a few thoughts a day but at the moment I can handle them.

Have a god day. xx

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  • Yeah im still having the cravings but to be honest they seem easier to cope with now im completely nicotine free. I found the cravings were becoming unbearable just before i stopped using the patches. Its probably just coincidence :confused:

    But im doing ok and still finding it hard to believe i have got this far, when i smoked i could never no matter how hard i tried imagine being a non-smoker :D

  • Hey you lot are inspirational. Respect to you all. Keep up the good work. xxx :)

  • Thaks dossy.

    Sara you have done great, well done xx

  • Well done Flippy & Sara - onwards and upwards! :)

  • Morning all - yep still doing ok.

    I would say cravings are down to just a couple a day, and to be honest I wouldn't even call them cravings any more. More like wee notions really!!

    Although I'm still on the gum - all be it only a couple of pieces a day generally. Not gonna give it up just yet as I've a couple of pretty stressful "events" coming up next couple of weeks.

    See you all later on.

  • well done to the feb quit team :D

    you are all doing soooooo well :)

  • Great news Mojo - just watch out for those sneaky craving attacks.:cool:

  • YaY!!! Good for you Mojo!! PMA needed that's all!!! You'll rock it, and if you can do 1 day you can do 2!!! Wooohooooo!!

    Hey Flippy - good to see ya back on the board!! How are you?!

    The team is complete again!! (apart from Pete... **hollars....OI!!! PETE!!! Get ya ass in here, we need you!!!!***)

    Can you believe the entire team 428 got here with no slips.. it's just brilliant!! Well done to everyone!!! :D:D

  • Hi Lady Sa, Glad i gave you some entertainment on the other thread;)

    I am here because of you lot being my quit buddies and some other peeps i want to stay in touch with.

  • Ha ha - yeah thanks to all for the "show".. I have to say I take those threads with a pinch of salt and I'm sure most poeple here do too!

    Glad you're ok and still quit.. tis good to have ya back with the team! :D

  • I am glad. Its good to stick with your team.

    I have seen then nurse today and she is really pleased with how I am doing.:D

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