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Just signed up so thought I'd introduce myself, I quit 30th May 2015 - I live in Adelaide in Australia - Started smoking when I was 20, quit at 31 for about 2.5 years using Allen Carr's Book. Have tried to quit so many times since starting again and failed again and again and again. This time I decided to give his seminar a go, the day after the seminar I was completely depressed, felt like my best friend had died, since then cravings haven't been too bad, except for tonight (day 16) which is what brought me here. The "just one wont hurt" thought popped into my head, just have to remember that if I have just one now, I'll have just one every time I have a craving. The worst part I've found so far is not being able to sleep, which is why I'm still up at 4am :(

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Hi Tezmo :)

It's such a terrible struggle at first, isn't it? It will get better soon, though, in case you don't remember from last time!

I found that once my energy levels increased (they shot up at about three/four weeks I think) I felt I had to start exercising, and that helped me sleep much better very quickly...

I'm glad you found your way to us - it really helps to read and post and chat :)


Welcome Tezmo, great to have you on board, bit by bit hour by hour, indeed it does get better, doing a grand job, 16 days already, it can for some be a issue in the early days sleep wise, but again as Incy says it will pass.

Keep posting and reading, let's make this the quit that counts

Look forward to your updates


Hi Tezmo, welcome to the forum, you are living in my part of the world, I'm in Brisbane,you are doing so so very well, beat that crave each time, you have done it for 16 days you can do it for longer, remember 1 hour at a time, I find posting and reading all the info on this site is really a fantastic help, trust me more than what you think, wonderful people here so full of support what more can I say, keep us up to date daily


Welcome Tezmo.

Just one will absolutely hurt you; there's no other answer for yourself really. Deep breaths, repeat the NOPE mantra, go to bed early if it's happening in the evening. Eat carrots, drink orange juice. Anything to get you through. And remember your success already. You've been doing this for over 16 days already.


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