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Intro and E cigs question

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Hello all

I'm Andy, I've just joined up and would really like hear what people think about e cigs.

I smoked for 9 years gave up for 7 started again for another couple and then jumped between patches of trying to give up again and falling off the wagon for a year or so. Then I found E cigs and for the last eight months I haven't smoked at all and have just used e cigs instead.

I know some people think they are great and some people despise them. I personally have found them superb and now consider myself a non smoker again but I know not everyone shares this sentiment.

I'm really intrigued what other smokers experience of E cigs are and whether people look down on them because they’re still giving you nicotine.

I look forward to getting to know you all and chatting



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Hello, Andy, and welcome! Congratulations on having been fag-free for 8 months.

I tried an e-cig a few times before quitting, to see if it would be a way for me to quit the fags without missing the smoking, if you see what I mean.:o

But it nearly blew my socks off and really hurt my throat, maybe because I'd only ever smoked menthol cigarettes. I know that is not very helpful, but it helps to break the ice! :D


Hi Val

Thanks for the welcome and congratulations to you too. I've been reading lots of the other posts and people do seem to be using them but they are getting mixed reviews. It did take me a while to learn about them and find out which products were good and which bad. I know what you mean about it being a bit harsh at first, once I found the right thing that worked for me though I didn't look back.



Hi Debbieh

That's kind of why I'd like to see what peoples thoughts on them are. I used them to quit the fags and now I have cut down on the nicotine strength I use but I just don't see it as a problem anymore. It's like genuinely having a safety net, most of the time I'm just having a few puffs here and there but if I do have a bad day it's only with an E cig so I don't feel guilty. It's taken all the pressure off which is actually much more helpful. You can probably tell I've become a real fan of them :)

Hi Andy, well done on 8 months without a "real" fag. IMHO anything that stops anyone from puffing away on a cancer stick, breathing in all sorts of nasties, can't be bad. I'm still on the fence a little bit but at the end of the day, we are all doing what works for us. ;)

im using an efag....coming up to a month of no smoking! reaaally happy,..i was on 40 fags a day for years n years! quit before?...5 days!

ive saved a fortune, breathing is fantastic,..i dont stink,.house doesnt,..truck doesnt, fingers are normal colours, horrid yellow

the efag was my exit,..its fantastic,...its made it more than bearable, walk in the park,..but managable,..ive never been like this before!

i have more energy,.dont feel so tired towards the end of the day,..and best of all, happy,.and know i can do it,.permanently

i will reduce the efag,..each time i feel ready,..until im free

i have tried EVERYTHING to stop smoking in the past..nothing ever worked

THIS HAS!...if it works for you, it, i keep telling everyone i know,..get one,..and get off the fags,..good luck matey

This is great thanks for all the feedback everyone and well done on all your personal achievements. I'm convinced by e cigs and have even managed to get my folks both smokers of over forty years using them to drastically reduce their smoking. I agree if it works use it and it's seems I'm not alone in finding e cigs work.



Hi Karri

What you say is true and it's interesting to here different peoples experiences. It's not just about quiting the fags it's the dependence thing as well. As everyone keeps saying though anything that helps can't be bad :)

Hi there

I personally think e cigs are fab. I stopped smoking using my e cig just over 6 months ago and it has worked like a treat! I didn't overuse it and in the last few weeks I haven't used it at all - but it's there if I need it. Anything that gets you off the real thing is good in my eyes.

Well done on being smoke free for so long!


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