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No Smoking Day
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11 weeks done and dusted

A couple of days into week 12.

Major life changes are happening, emotions are all over the place, but they would be anyway.

My long term relationship is over, moved out of my home with my lo, am cautiously embarking on a future as a single mum. :confused:

But guess what guys.......I AM STILL NOT SMOKING!

Can't quite believe it really, and those nicodemons are back with bells on, believe me, the cravings have returned 10 fold over the last week, if I can make it through this without giving in to the bastards, I can do anything!

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I know it's been hard but you have done really really well especially under the circumstances. Quitting is hard even when life is ok so you should be proud.

Well done, giving you a hug.



Your right in that emotions would still be high and all over the place with smoking, but massive congrats for remaining smoke free through these recent upheavals.

Wishing you all the best, be proud of yourself



The Road to Freedom is not always easy but it is always the better road

Oh Lou stay in there girl you are better than that and I know from personal exsperience how when we split with long term partners its so easy to pick up a ciggy as I did after 11 months of stopping and it took me another 20+ years to stop smoking again.

I believe that our Life is plotted out for us and out there is another soulmate for you, and come august/september you will be so glad that you are on this path which will give you a new and better life.

So keep using the forum and taking support from all the incredible quitters on here Day and Night there is always some one there for you

God Bless x


Head in the clouds but not in the smoke

Hi Pol did you enjoy your shopping???


Massive well done Lou, I know how hard it can be when emotional turmoil strikes during your quit!

You are doing wonderfully!

Big Hugs to you hun

Mixxy xx


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