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Hi folks..First post!

Hi People.

I gave up on my 20 year roll up habit on thursday night...I used to smoke 30 -40 rollies a day as part of my busy life, always rushing here and there, and thinking of myself as indestructable.. I've tried many times to give up, and have done quite well for a few months, but this time I know I have to make it last...So I've come on here for you guys support, If you'd be so kind as to give it !

I know from reading a few bits and bobs on here, that nobody seems to approve of the e-Cig thang...I suppose that its the principal, of inhaling, and how that whole thing might stick in the psychy...?

Well, I've gone down that route.. I dont even feel that its a bit like smoking...I'm on the medium cartridges just now.., I have the low ones, and I'm trying to take draws as little as possible.

I feel dreadfull just now, completely depressed, slightly ill , but I'm sticking by it, and I'm (deep inside) determined... I really dont want to smoke again.

.My plan is to stick on the medium ones for a week, then the low for a week, then stop..I know that you'll think I'm a fool, but Thats what I'm doing

I hope that all your plans are working out well:)


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Hi Keef

Hi and welcome, not sure about the e-cig thing myself, but the main thing is you've stopped smoking cigarettes, and are thinking positive!!!

That's the best way to be and already four days in, so keep at it!!

You'll get support a-plenty on here, so read loads and post often!!

Good luck:)


Hey beccyboo.

Thanks SO much for yopur support !

To be honest with you, I dont get any kind of hit with the e-cig anyway...maybe just a nicotine boost !..How do you find the champix?

I'm feeling really tired in the evening, but |iI've been here before...Know the symptoms !!

Feel quite positive about tomorrow just now.

I have to be up early to check my sheep, who have chosen this cold time to they have chosen the time I have given up fags..

Seeing a pair of lively black ,healthy twin lambs this morning was great though.. Made me forget my craving !!

Thanks again



Well done getting off fags. We here have found the best way to help ourselves is to get education about the nicotine addiction and read as much as possible about what happens to us while we are healing. There are some really good websites in my signature which will explain lots of your questions. Post here often and share how you are feeling this will bring you replies of understanding and your post will help others.

Best wishes.



Thanks for that Jackie.

Well, I managed to get through my working day today, and what a stressfull one it was too...Didnt use my e-cig so much though, but could have done with a fag all day really:(..Home now, and thought I'd come on here and tell you my progress.

Seeing as i live miles from the nearest shop, I think I'll make it through the day:)

Still feel depressed, and barely coping...but I'm sticking with it..Gotta be strong!!



Hi Keef ah want one no you fool not the e cig want baby lamb come on who would want to talk about smoking when we can talk ba ba lambs, post piccys please, pretty please LOL

Oh and yes good luck with your quit and any way you want it and whatever floats your boat is ok xx


Oh Ok... I will take the camera with me tomorrow, and try to post a photo..

They are quite cute, and all black. Got two singles and three sets of twins so far...and for the first time no fox kills (Yet, Though its almost inevitable)

Luckily We only have 14 ewes to lamb, not like an old job of mine when i had 400:eek:

Actually, I didn't think of this before, but ...It was never that nice making a roll up after you hand has......I wont go there;)



Got through most of today ok... Been ludicrously busy, which has helped/made me want to smoke in equal ammounts!:confused:

Happy I dont smell anymore...I got it pointed out to me by my daughter who is seven (and never knew i smoked, always kept it from her)..".Dad you smell different...nice"...I was delighted

Just got to keep on going...Love your feedback..keep it coming



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