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G'day all

Hi there.

Just thought I'd say hello to everyone, been reading the site briefly today at work.

I'm 31 & have been smoking for around 10 years.

Currently on day 2 without smoking.

My wife is still currently smoking, which is a wee bit tough but I don't want her to quit on my behalf. It's my time to stop.

When I've not been thinking about smoking, I've been thinking about curry, cheeseburgers and fish & chips. Hope I don't gain a few stone!



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Hello Atzoon :)

Welcome aboard, and well done for making it to day 2 - those early days are tough aren't they? I can tell you that time does start to go quicker quite soon, and you will think less and less about smoking! I'n approaching 8 weeks, and hardly think about it at all now :)

We've got other members who are quitting while living with a smoking partner, I'm quite sure - it's extra challenging, and I take my hat off to you.

Good luck, and stay strong x


Hi, come on in close the door, glass of wine or two a warm welcome from me, so great to have you with us, mighty 2 days is great.

Are you ct or using any aids.

Please read and post often it truly helps, and while mr NICO try's every possible way to get you started again, stay firm those craves will become less and less.

Look forward to your up dates


Welcome and great news you have got through 2 days with a smoker in the house. It honestly does get easier, If you get the first week under your belt you will feel so proud of yourself. Yes food does dominate the thoughts as an alternative to the weed, but it's better to gain a bit of weight you can deal with later than kill youself with tobacco. Post often were here for you


Hi atzoon welcome to the forum, and more importantly congratulations on a very wise choice.

Please make sure to post on here as often as you need to. I found it great to be able to just have a bit of a rant to get me through the days.... and the support you can get on here is fantastic. Good luck with tomorrow and let us know how you get on :)


Welcome! It is fantastic you decided to stop smoking! I am at the end of my fourth week and feels great. I kinda miss my first days! It was a huge struggle but there was something glorious and heroic about them. I was sad and happy at the same time! What is left after four weeks...a sense of power, and the feeling you have done something amazing for yourself. Stick to your quit and protect it with your life. Decide that your next two weeks will be hard, dont pamper yourself, and then you are free. Its a tunnel and the only way out is forward. Be brave and strong!


So true. ....


That's totally true Antonis! I too felt like a hero :)


Welcome to the forum Atzoon. I can honestly say it has been an enormous help so far, just committing to coming on here regularly - I suggest daily, at least in the first instance. The support and advice is being a great help for me. The NOPE (not one puff ever) mantra really helps. I use it a lot; simple quick and gets the message across, and breathing, in the early days breathing like I was having a cigarette, but I don't need to do that anymore. Just good breathing now.

And congratulations on your two days, which is probably three by now.


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

Onto day 3 today, feeling much better today then I did this time yesterday.



See, already it's getting easier :) Well done on making it into day 3! xx


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