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So hello all and here I go again. I've been giving up smoking tomorrow a million times but this time I'm going for it armed with patches and emergency e-cig . I've been lurking around here a while but now it's time to commit. I'm quite the yo-yo quiter and normally always find a reason to go back but this time I'm going all out to stay the course! Thanks all

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A warm welcome from me, and do hope this is the quit that counts. It the best decision you will make, your body will thankyou. Over and over.

So please post and read often, bob on here sharpish if it gets tough.

Great to have you on board, so look forward to your future posts

I used the patch method, and found it to be great.


Great big welcome most of us have tried before and failed, this time you can make it.


Hi and welcome take a leap what's the worst that can happen 😘 good luck the support on here is amazing x


Hello, all the best for tomorrow x


You sound like me, Tryer! I was giving up 'tomorrow' or 'after this pouch runs out' almost daily for about three years before I finally bit the bullet! Well done for taking the plunge and announcing your intention - honestly posting and reading helped me no end :) Good luck tomorrow! xx


Hello Tryer, how you getting on, have you started your quit, maybe planning a quitting date?

Keep us updated


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