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Looking to start another quit

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Hi guys I previously went cold turkey managed 81 days, I ended up having a few beers out and I threw all the good work out of the window.

When I quit my anxiety went through the roof during that period is that a normal reaction? Secondly I find the worst times for panging mornings! what are some things I can do to take the edge off in the morning / get the ball rolling?

Many Thanks

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Hi ally_ul well done on getting back to quitting I can't help much with emotional as I'm a wreck even smoking haha but on the craving side from what I've read if your going CT is to have juice apparently cranberry helps the most (I tried but don't like it haha) as it helps with sugar drops too that happen with nicotine withdrawal, and also changing your routine slightly helps so if you usually shower first the breakfast turn it round or have your morning on another room, but I'm a newbie so sure there will be more along later to help. Good luck you can do it xxx

Hi, with a attempt of 81 days ct, may I say amazing!!!

For many including myself, had a couple or so failed quits behind us.

Mornings indeed where my nemesis , infact terrible , also driving home after work, what I can say is you just have to may be do things in a different order. But you know for me after around three months those mornings with fag and coffee, just seemed stupid.

You've done it before, so let's get quitting, read and post often it really does help, bit by bit.

Look forward to your future posts

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Hello ally :) I agree with shelly and tracey - changing routine as much as possible really helped me - I went cold turkey seven weeks ago today. I also found reading practically every post ever written on here and countless other sites really helpful, as well as posting myself - making friends in the same boat makes a big difference.

I know lots of people have suffered anxiety in their quits...I didn't, I've been annoyingly positive and upbeat throughout, but I'd advise focusing on the positives, celebrating each and every achievement, and congratulating yourself randomly for NOT having a smoke :)

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice guys, I still haven't quit I am finding it a real challenge first thing in the morning to get the ball rolling. The morning pangs are horrendous and then before I know it I am putting the kettle on having a coffee and going about another day of puffing. I need something to distract the pangs

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Aw ally I so know where you're coming from. Almost every day I would wake up determined and convinced that I would absolutely NOT be smoking again ever, only to crumble, day after day. The day will come when you are ready. What did it for me was stopping when I went away for a few days - the total change made it much more manageable. Of course, coming back into my house/smoking areas/routines was hard afterwards, but by then I'd got the nicotine out of my system so it was do-able. You've done 81 days before - you'll remember how to fight the pangs, I'm sure :) Wishing you all the best. x

Morning is definitely the worst bit. I am going to give this ANOTHER go tomorrow and I hope ... no I have just smoked my last cigarette but I will do it a day at a time. Good luck to all x

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