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5 weeks down!

I'm not confident enough to post my progress on a month by month basis yet. I need the week by week at the moment. So, I've just completed week five. Still feels precarious, err quite often. Not that I'm going to smoke, just that the idea springs to mind that I'd, but at the moment I can change that thought to wanting 'something' but not really a cigarette. I had my smoking cessation clinic appointment this evening, and I'm onto my last two week prescription of champix. I'm meant to take two tablets each day, but as I feel comfortably a smokeless zone through the morning until early afternoon, I'm going to cut back to one so they last longer. I'm just a little anxious due to having lapsed twice before after I stopped the tablets. Although to be fair to myself the first time I was advised that I was doing so well I could stop the champix early. Some professionals who have never smoked don't know the power of the demon.

Oh well, ever onwards. :D

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Wow doing fantastic, this is not a race, if I takes a tad longer to come off the champix, that's ok, your here for the long haul.

Just keep going my friend , brillant


I'm with you, walkabout, celebrating weekly seems to help motivate me :) Posting day by day wouldn't be too much, in my opinion, whatever gets you through!

Good for you, keeping up with cessation appointments - gold star!

At the pub today I saw someone smoking (just one person, out of a whole busy pub!) and I must admit I thought, oooh, that would be quite nice...but it lasted a mere second - those thoughts are decreasing weekly!

You can do this walkabout, stay strong x


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