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5 weeks completed

I have not smoked for 35 days, or 840 hours, or 50,400 minutes!:eek: I have NOT smoked 519 fags and I have saved £190 which is going towards hubby's birthday treat in the Lake District :)

The downsides..... digestive issues my stomach hurts all the time with IBS symptoms, I have put weight on which I cannot afford to do, but I need to stop putting food in the cake hole I guess! :D and I feel a bit weird like I'm not myself like something's missing, this is to be expected though I suppose, you can't smoke for a quarter of a century and not feel anything for your arch enemy can you! And of course the bleeding gums and wobbly teeth... :/

The upsides... This is the good bit:) my teeth are wobbling but my goodness they are gleaming! They have never been so white, Colgate ad here I come! ;) my skin and eyes are clearer no more sallow appearance, food tastes amaaaazing as does wine hic! My breathing has improved dramatically and I have more pennies, it's also opened my eyes a bit, not sure how to explain it but as a smoker I just wanted to lull about all the time, I didn't have any energy and everything was an effort my life revolved around cigs, now I'm going out for walks with DH spending more time cooking and just, well spending more time with the people I care about I do just want to stay close to my family though, I have lost interest in socialising with my friends but that's because 90% of them smoke :eek: having to go out tonight but I'm sure it will be fine :)

Hope everyone has a great smoke free happy weekend xx

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Well done Donna your doing fab. I have more energy too been out walking everyday with my imaginary dog lol.

Keep going honey x

Lmao I've missed your loony posts mate :D :D xx


Looking good Donna.;)

It's not so good that 9 out of 10 of your friends are smokers :eek:

Can you not persuade some to see the light and join you,and join us,here :D

Remember tonight do not go to the dark side as it is a VERY HARD ROAD back to where you are right now :)

You are quite right Max I am seriously considering being the proverbial bore and cry off tonight..... Hmmmm 5 weeks isn't that established really and I absolutely want to win this time x


We'll done you're doing amazing ... Glad you did the maths as I think we gave up same time and be strong tonight you can do it xxx



Don't hesitate,cry off.

You look a bit peaky to me :confused:

This is a crucial time,just crucial nothing can get n the way of this quit. :)

Denise 64 I think it is has the best maxim of all,ever,on this site imho something like;

" If you smoke now you will be back at Day 1.And Day1 is where you were looking desperately wishing you were where you are NOW" :)

That's a good way of looking at it, and based on that I've knocked it on the head tonight and I've been completely honest and said I can't be around all of you this early on in my quit with a few drinks on board because I may well stumble and I simply cannot have a puff even, I want to do to this and be clear what I have achieved x Indian, X factor and a few vinos with my quit buddy, my husband :) we need to celebrate our 5 weeks x


That's great Donna, five weeks is amazing. Pleased you are feeling all the nice effects of quitting now, skin improving is lovely. Don't worry too much about the weight, apparently unless you put on a ridiculous amount it won't outweigh the benefits. You can deal with that when you are further on in your quit. :D:)


Glad you cried off Donna- I think it was a good call (and your planned night in with your OH sounds more perfect than just about any night out could be anyway :))

You're a star, and you deserve a lovely evening in.

Tell you what- by the time your Lakes jaunt comes up you'll have saved so much you will really be able to push the boat out (no pun intended :D)


Haven't been out but I have been on edge all night, snapped at the children and generally been a moody mare....I'm sure it's cos I am missing out on a good night, stupid really but thinking they are all out without a care in the world smoking drinking and dancing .... Aaaargh never mind... I just can wait until I WANT to socialise again without fear of caving :( xx


Well done you :):):):):):):):):)

Thanks Jen, hoping this crappy feeling bogs off tomorrow!! X


You are doing really well and I expect it may be a bit poohie for a few more weeks I am afraid. Nice Sunday lunch always works well methinks. :):):):):):):)

Your right Jen, my quit for 11 weeks was quite a while ago and I can't remember how long the crap feeling lasted when it kicked in but yep I think you are right possibly another month yet! :eek: I really do pray I get through and crack this I am so strong in other areas of my life I just desperately need to find the staying power to crack this :/ xx

You saved yourself a big hangover :D

Every cloud and all that :D


100% proud of you Donna -that's all x


" If you smoke now you will be back at Day 1.And Day1 is where you were looking desperately wishing you were where you are NOW" :)

I love this^^ you said this to me very early on max and boy has it stuck. you have no idea how much it helped me on a really bad day! and even on those iffy days now! :)

bloomin marvellous post there donna!

I went out last night and was fine....a few wee craves with my wine that flowed very nicely indeed but certainly manageable, however the group I was with last night are all non smokers or ex smokers so this helped me no end. I didn't have anyone that could help me out with a sneaky puff. I can honestly say if a few smokers were there I may have been very tempted but I know im too stubborn for my own good. I knew there was an advantage to my stubbornness:D

I also know that you are too because you told me and I can tell with every one of your posts that you are oh so determined;) you gotta do what you think is right to protect your quit and listen to yourself and more importantly trust it, which you did!! so well done:)

your time will come as will mine when we can freely boogie and lap up the vinos without the naughty thought of a fag in the other hand to wash the wine down with:) we will then go out again to celebrate how triumphant we were the last time! lol

p.s im catching up on the x factor now, how good is that Italian dude? bet he don't smoke with that set of lungs on him!:p


5 weeks! Go you

Excellent achievement and keep it going or You'll have to spend an hour in a rubber windowless room with Katie Hopkins :eek::eek::eek:


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