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Please help x

Apologies to any seen this is day one part only just realised there is more forums 😢. I am not doing well at all I've read Allen Carr and have 25g patch and brought mini tabs but been trying for a 2 week and just keep breaking down I had a abnormal smear about 3 weeks ago and am waiting on results convinced I have cancer and has brought on major anxiety attacks I'm on medication for it and in process of receiving counselling but I can't stop smoking 😢 even though I'm terrified of having cancer and know I have to stop I keep asking doctors and they just say it's not a good time but every time I smoke I cry I need to stop and I want to stop but I just don't believe I can ...has any one please got any advice I want to see my kiddies grow up x

Background .....smoking for 26 years mainly roll ups but more heavily last 5 years umpteen failed attemps over the years ...I did quit as soon as my results were in and didn't smoke for just over a week had the colposcopy appointment and that night anxiety kicked in big time ended up at crisis they prescribed medication as they said it's just the tipping of the iceberg and I've burnt out through stresses in life but I just wanted a smoke 😢 so brought some before calling 111 and getting refered now I'm struggling to stop again im in a permament state of anxiety and can't handle the peaks so grab a roll up im so stupid I know it doesn't help and it's causing the anxiety but I can't seem to get through a peek without panicking hence I thought I join here maybe try and see that anxiety is normal part and try and rationalise it rather than thinking I'm going insane

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Hiya, really sorry you are having such a rubbish time. I know exactly how you feel as went through it for months before quitting, feeling so useless i couldn't quit but knew i had to quit, scared every cig could be the one, but not being able to stop. Champix was what helped me finally stick, it just made things calmer. I am now at 8 weeks. Its not a miracle as still struggle as per my other posts but for those initial few days it was a god send, along with this forum. I stopped them after week 2/3 of quitting i think as didn't want to be on them too long but would def recommend. Xxxx


Yes, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I agree with Chloe. Try champix. Not miracle drug but has certainly helped me. 5 weeks in now. Come onto this site frequently. If you do take champix, take as recommended, that is with food, as it can make you nauseous/sick. I wish you well, and start believing you can do it.


Hi thank you for the advice unfortunately due to my medications I can't take champix think I'm going to try patches and tabs was going to go cold turkey but thinking now maybe baby steps is better break it a little at a time hoping to quit tomorrow just rallying round getting support as much as possible so I have people to cry to so to speak x


Okay, a shame about the champix but sounds as if you have a plan of action. You should use this forum regularly as well. It does really help.


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