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Thank You everybody!! a bit confused-site has changed!!

As I stated yesterday it's been a while since I posted and I couldn't figure out how to thank those who commented on my post within that post (if that makes any sense) so I just started a new topic to do so!! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!! These comments are the very things that help to get to the next day or next level in this journey! I must say I am saddened to see many of those who had a great influence on me are no longer on the site and cannot imagine how or why they were banned- they were true inspirations and sources of massive support and encouragement. I can only hope that I and others still on the site can step up and provide the kind of help they provided to me and others..Anyway-there is light at the end of the tunnel, gold at the end of the rainbow, better health and pride in accomplishing one of the hardest things anyone can do!!! Just have faith, turn to this forum when needing strength, and look forward to not being a slave to a tobacco stick!!

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I missed your other post , but it's so nice to see success stories Roseanne - well done :)


Great to read about others success thanks for posting.


Good to hear about your success. And congratulations. You must be very proud, and you are now the inspiration for those of us coming along behind you. Well done


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