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No Smoking Day
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Well, this place has changed a bit!!

I was laid in bed last night trying to remember how long it was since I quit smoking. Anyway, I thought " eee, I'll have a look in on the forum tomorrow and see how everyone is doing ".... I struggled finding it! ... This place sure has changed :eek:.... But then again, it has been 6 years since I joined :cool:

Cannot believe it will be 6 years this March since I quit that horrible filth!! Where does time go eh? But its still one of the best things I EVER achieved!

I hope all my fellow Mad Marchers are doing well xxxx love to you all! And for all you that are newly quit and thinking you'll never get through it... YOU WILL!! just keep going and going and going and never let them demons win!

Anyway, that's me for another couple of years until I need to check how long I've been quit LOL ;) xxx

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Oh it sure does Tea ;) x thank you x


Good for you Slinky x

Thanks for popping in x


Lovely post,


Six years! Wow......:):):)

Nice one Slinky- as I always say, a post-Penthouse alumni is always welcome. And whilst the layout of the forum may have changed (don't get us started...:rolleyes:) the spirit and commeraderie certaimly hasn't. :D


Wow congratulations and thanks for coming back to check in :)


Congratulations on 6 years, that's brilliant.


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