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For a long time I read the messages on this site, the successes, the difficulties, the encouragement and the hints even though I had not signed up as a member.

9am on 1 March I put out a cigarette and decided to try AGAIN to stop. It is now 8:30pm (Australian time) 2 April and so far so good :) some days are OK, some days not so good but to all the people who have posted messages on this site - THANK YOU. You have helped more than you will ever know :)

After 40 years breaking such a long term habit is tricky but I am trying to be stubborn with NOPE :)

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  • Congratulations and well done on reaching your second month. I'm not far behind you so will be joining you in your new room tomorrow evening 6:00pm UK time. This forum and the people who post are invaluable in helping with our quits. I didn't believe it at first, and with this quit, set my quit date, announced it on here, then didn't come back for a week! I failed that time, but 10 days later I stopped being stubborn, took some forum advice and started coming on at least everyday, and my quit has stuck. This, more than anything I believe is keeping me going. I'll get strong enough eventually to need it less or at all, but for now, yep, thanks to everyone. I owe you and newbies when they arrive. All the best justdoit. keep inspiring others :D

  • Hi Walkabout, congratulations :) this room is very nice and I look forward to your arrival. As I now eat all day (instead of smoking) there will be plenty of cakes, chocolate, cheese, crackers, and drinks available :)

  • But will there be any left? Or should I bring a pack up?

  • Hmmmm, good point Walkabout, if your appetite is anything like mine - please bring some extras, just in case :)

  • Those days are passing quite nicely, don't you think?, Of course you will have easy and difficult days, but I can say in all honesty, the longer the quit the weaker the crave,

    Doing great, a huge pat on the back from me, brilliant

  • I have a feeling it is. And it's all the bad stuff. I'm not exactly reaching for an apple or a raw carrot (which I really like!) to snack on. In time though..................:eek:

  • What lovely positive threads to read x congratulations on your quit :) x

  • Nice post you are doing so well. I have been smoking for nearly 50 years so I know how difficult it is to break this long term habit. I too have good and bad days but I think the good days are getting more frequent now. I'll be in your room in a few days so make a space for me

  • Wonderful post, so pleased for you JDI, enjoy your new room, kick back eat the snacks provided and chill, you've passed another milestone :) xx

  • Ripper! Well done JDI :)

  • This is so cool :) Lovely post, JDI. It's so great that we have somewhere we can seek support :) Good work EVERYONE! xx

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