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What a day yuk

Woke up in the middle of the night with a massive crave so bad I got up drank some water, breathed deeply and tried to ward it off. I eventually went back to sleep only to re awake to the same mad craving. I have cleaned, ironed, baked a cake, and read but it's still here. I thought I was doing so well too but days like today really do test the resolve. I shan't smoke not a chance of that, but I will be glad when today is over and hope tomorrow is better.

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That's an odd one. I've been waking at around 3:00am, but managed to get back to sleep. Maybe not associated with smoking but unusual for me. However, if you didn't get back to sleep, that in itself I find really annoying but with your quit on're dealing with it well though and full of resolve. Just one of those bad days that come along and you're rising to the challenge. Great going. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE


Oh how horrid for you those kind of nightmare, days so frustrating, for what it's worth they don't come along often,.

Sleeping fir mis a a horror, sometimes I just cannot get to sleep , the other day 5.39am befor I noddy off.

Your going great, brilliant, and a better night to night


Feeling better now. Stupid cravings diminished I hit the b....dy thing on the head with a sledgehammer. Stayed away from people today wasn't fit to be human lol. Hope everyone else is having a good day


It is strange how a crave can strike you anytime but your strong you beat it.


Spanish eyes I remember that I was waking up during the night with craves too, and I can always sleep so well and never get woken. All I can say is for me that passed and it got better


Yes, those craves can be terrible!! What works for me is HALTT - I ask myself am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired or Thirsty? These feelings are the same as wanting a cigarette. If I can relate to any of those then I address what I can.

Then, if that is not working for me I do what Clive James the poet / writer did when he stopped smoking. I picked up this gem from reading one of his articles - he says he "smokes the memory". It may sound very strange but I know what he means and it works.

I put myself into a bit of a trance state and I don't imitate it by using my hands with a cigarette, but I can recreate the mind set when I was smoking. I can almost feel the sensation I used to love when the smoke is inhaled deep into the lungs.

It makes sense from the point of view that smoking is, for the largest part, a psychological addiction. I'm assuming that the pleasant memories are stored in the sub-conscious and can be accessed upon request.

Another thing that helps is exercise and deep breathing. All the best with battling the craves, I haven't smoked for over 3 years now and I only rarely even think about it. Sometimes I "smoke the memory" just for the fun of it. 😊😊


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