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Today is day 4 of my quit. I have tried to quit before, the most recent time lasted for about 9 months (can't believe how stupid I was to go back to it after so long)- but this is the first time that I have joined and posted on this forum rather than just looking in at others posts and experiences. I am determined that this will be my final quit! As with previous quits the early days are proving hard - just have to take it one day at a time and make sure that this is the last time that I will ever go through this crappy first week period

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  • A huge welcome from me, great to have you on board, wow 8 months what made you start again?

    Please post and read often it truly helps. Are you ct or patch ect.

    Great to have you here

  • Thanks Tracey. Starting again was really down to my own weakness - that classic "I have beaten it now so having "just one" will be fine". Of course it never is. Before I knew it I was back to 10/12 a day and more if I was going out for a drink with friends. Back being smelly, anti-social, coughing etc - I am determined to beat it this time. Just looking in at the posts on this forum helped loads last time so hopefully actually posting will make me even stronger. Am going CT and know full well how hard the first few weeks are

  • Very warm welcome. Its so easy to skip back into smoking I know I've been there. How silly we are having to endure withdrawal all over again. This is one strong addiction. I know this has to be my final quit and I am determined it will. Joining this forum will help you as it helps so many of us

  • Thanks Spanisheyes. I am sure that joining the forum will keep me honest and strong. Today is a bright sunny day so I am feeling positive but I know that there will be days when it will be really hard. Breaking up the routine of work with a cigarette break was always something I missed last time but I am as determined as you are to make this the final quit

  • All the best, Fordy. Are you going cold turkey? If you've been looking at the posts you'll have seen the NOPE - not one puff ever - mantra. I use that a lot as it's quick and easy. Breathing as if I'm smoking, but instead take in fresh air. And, I was a sceptic at first, coming on here regularly, posting about your experience or simply supporting and motivating others, really does help. You need to be coming on every day though.

    Work is a challenge. I'm the same as you, using a cigarette for a break. I break my day down, am okay in the morning and post-lunch but the afternoon gets difficult. I use NOPE, breathing for so long but then resort to snacking. Generally, at over a month, it is getting easier, most of the time.

  • Thanks Walkabout (is that an Australian reference?). Yes am going cold turkey. Aiming to use this forum as my main means of support. Will definitely give NOPE a try.

  • Hi Fordy and welcome. Lovely to see new members on here. To get to day 4 CT takes some doing, well done and we are all rooting for you :) x

  • Hi from me too, Fordy :) CT is how I'm doing it, too - and lots of visits here, reading if not posting every day has really kept me focussed :)

    We can do this!

  • And hi from me too. You will get much needed support here. Doing great so far, well done x

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