No Smoking Day

Monday is the new beginning

Hi everyone,

First of all, let me congratulate you on this forum.

It's a great idea, and from personal experience (as all of you well know), support and encouragement are the extra "ingredients" that make the difference.

I started smoking shortly after I went to college (lots of time in pubs, you know the story), 10 years ago.

I was at the time a heavy smoker (if I went clubbing, 3 packs in a day was common thing), but now, I don't even "enjoy it".

I hate the taste of it, it makes my mouth dry and taste horribly and I also feel very tired (it's a circular thing, I don't exercise because I'm in bad shape for smoking and I'm bad shape because I don't exercise).

I mainly use cigarettes nowadays to "focus". I often have a "thinking fag" break.

But, well, I decided this thing is not going to control my life, and it's basically a stupid routine at best.

This is going to be (hopefully!) my last smelly, coughing, eyes-burning, yellow fingered weekend and Monday I'm going smoke-free.

I also hope that in some months I may be in the position to help anyone posting in this forum for the first time!


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Wooo Hoooooooooo

Go on my son

Blow that smoke away

Looking forward to reading your progress



I'm jogging 4 miles a day now with ease.

5 months ago i could not run 1 mile with out coughing my guts up.

Life is so much better now for me and will be for you soon.

all the best

Andy :D


Congrats on your decision. It's a hard road but a well worth it one. Many stumbles and bruises along the way but we are here ready with the band aids to keep you on the path. I don't think u need to wait months to post...your kind words will cheer each person on and your experience with each day may inspire someone behind you or even ahead of you. So comment daily and just jump in head first....Life jackets are ready.



Good luck with your quit - feel free to post when you need. Keep strong


well done!!! it def helps putting your thoughts on here, xxxxx


Go for it, quitting is a bumpy road but its well worth it in the end.

Charlene :)


Zuntar, I did this last week.. Day 7 is right round the corner! I only just joined this place but have been on every day from day 1 to day 7.. Tis a bonus to read that a bunch of other people are going through the same thing at the same time!

Best of luck, moments of weakness have a look on here on your 'day' and see how others got through.. I found it really helpful.


Well wont regret it, i had the same problem, i have asthma, and just trying to walk up the stairs was a problem, now after 2 months its a breeze




Thanks everyone! :)

Less than 1h30m to put the ashtrays in the shed :D

I couldn't ask for more support than this.

The first difference I noticed just by being here, is that instead of being anxious, I'm actually looking forward for tomorrow!

Hope all of you had a great weekend.


Zuntar, don't put them in the shed, throw them in the bin. It will be the best thing, no distractions, good luck. I am in week 4, no blips thank goodness and the support here is great. I am doing this with hubby and son and we are all smoke free. Keep strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


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