No Smoking Day
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Patch, gum, smoking, I've done it all?

So you think you don't have the strength to have a go at quitting.

We have all had day ones, and come through.

Your family, friends, dog, cat, mum, dad, daughter, nana, sister , brother.

All want you around, you like us can quit, I've done it all in the same day lol. Patch. Gum. Smokes, and then

The penny drops, why oh why are you smoking?

Because you like it!!! I don't think so.

Because it's you as you've always been, I don't think so.

Come on, so many products to help us us quit. Blimey I know that, have done most of them.

Come join us, it may be easier than you think?

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Yes let's have some new members. Don't sit on the sidelines wondering if you can do it. Yes you can, come on you know you want to really.


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