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I've done it!

I haven't posted in a new room for quite a while but I am so proud of myself for posting in the 1+ year room for the first time. is the day that I have been smokefree for a year and have indeed reached the penthouse!!

This time last year I would not have expected to see myself still quit after a year as I've had so many failed quits in the past. Something must have changed in myself for this one though (I think I had just had enough and really wanted to quit). I even quit when lots of bad things were happening so either I was trying to get some control back in my life or I was just doggedly stubborn that nothing was going to make me start smoking again.

It is hard quitting...the first three months are the hardest in my opinion but once it's done there is no feeling like it in the world. Freedom is what it's called...and I'm glad I've got mine back.

Thankyou to all the people on this forum who really helped in the early months especially my fellow quit gang....the October 2011 quitters (Octopirates oooarrr!). They really helped as I knew they were all feeling the same as me especially Dave, mash, DM, Marie Wiltshire, Teleguy, Tropical and everyone else (sorry if I've missed you out!).

I haven't posted for a while but I think thats an important part of the quit myself as you're forgetting that you did actually smoke. Hopefully when I feel ready I will pay it back and post encouragement on the forum for other quitters too (sometimes posting on here reminded me that I smoked so that's why I haven't been on for ages).

So thanks again for being there! and here's to continue to being smokefree!! It really is as good as people say!

Love Lisa xx

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Just got myself a nice cold beer....mmmmm xx


Get in there Lisa

What a wonderful achievement....hope you have an excellent smoke free day, you defo deserve it...



One year already! Time has flown by, to me at least. I bet you're mighty chuffed at this great achievement. Here's a toast to you!



Congratulations Lisa! Enjoy the beer, and the view from the penthouse. Well done you xx





So happy to see you here :)

isnt the view wonderful from up here the air is so fresh and clean only nice smells


see even the cats are helping you to celebrate ;)


Well done on your whole year Matey!!!!:D

Some Cat pics for you as I know you love them:rolleyes:



Well Done You It really is a great feeling isn't it :D:D


Massive well done Lisa, so pleased for you.

I remember you where one of the people who inspired me - and continue to do so.

Sorry - don't know how to send pictures lol xxx


Oh well done Lisa - huge congratulations!!!




Fantastic job Lisa. Well done! Can't wait until I can say I have been quit a year! You celebrate with another cold beer.xx:)



You can't keep us Brummies down :D

You said to me once, during the early days of my quit, that you thought I'd make it because "you know the type". I have to say that I always thought the same about you Lisa, you just have that steely determination in you :cool:

Really well done and I'll see you in 3 months :)


Lisa, congratulations to a GREAT feat! You go girl!!!! You deserve o be inthe Penthouse and when I get there Dec 31st I shall be proud to shake your hand and have a drink with you!!...ppat


Let me join the gang sending hearty and well-deserved congratulations! A year always seems like such a long time - especially at the beginning of the quit - but even now, as I work through my 8th month, a year still seems like so far off!

I hope to join you someday. Save me a seat, will you? I hope to be there next March 14th. Counting the days!

Once again, Lisa, congratulations. You've not only made the Penthouse, but you're serving as another great inspiration for all of us somewhat behind you. :)


Hey Lisa, im so happy to be reading this post, Im chuffed to bits and proud that you kept going during those hard months. I knew you would do it tho there were moments that only solid stubbornness could get you through. I know that cos im a stubborn so and so myself and when all else fails it becomes your wings, sometimes a bungee chord when the ground gives way...

A Great Big Barkin OOOAAARR and happy landings

Nice to know you..

Mash xxx


Woooohooooo way to go Lisa! It should all be plain sailing from now on:D


Well done Lisa.

Im the same as you, dont really come on much as i basically forget about smoking lol. Bet you never thought you'd think like that. I know i didnt! Soooo happy we made it xx


Huge WELL DONE Lisa!!

You didn't know it at the time, but YOU were the one that kept me going. I'm pretty sure you're the first person I "spoke" to on here and I willed you to keep going and never come on and say you had had a cigarette as I knew that would burst my quitting bubble. And I wouldn't have one as I would have thought I was letting you down.

So thank you Lisa, and I'm so bl**dy proud of us all!!!!

Aren't we AWESOME! :D


well done lisa

welcome to the penthouse i knew you would do it i just knew

sorry i am a bit late congratulating you i have been on holiday



A year + congrats I,ve only gone 16days it's so good to see that people come out the other side of this addiction xx



Congrats and well done:)

Fi x


Well done hun, that is amazing im only 9 months behind you, keep my seat warm, well maybe a space for now as i will be a while yet lol x


Nice one Lisa, a massive well done from me. :D


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