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Thinking of smoking all the time?


Well it's all a it strange my quit at the moment:( and I don't know why, I do have external pressures re health ect, but for some odd reason I just think about smoking all the time lately.

I don't think I Will, but the temptation is ooooh so strong, I truly believed the thoughts of smoking would subside, but not this week.

Off to work so, can't smoke there, that's a good thing.

Enjoy your smoke free sunny days

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Poor you Tracey. It's horrible when you hit one of those patches. I went through a week like that a couple of months back. I coped by thinking back to how I felt during the first week or two (100 out of 10 on the awful scale) and comparing & contrasting to how I felt then (more of an itch I couldn't scratch if that makes sense?)

I hope it soon passes for you and that today is a better day. I shall be thinking of you. :)

Stay strong Tracey,

You have come to far to let Nicdemon drag you back!

Keep your resolve and stay focussed, I am sure this feeling will pass soon.

Bev. xxxx

I hope you have a good day at work Tracey. Keep going with your quit, you have done so well. :)

I felt desperate for a smoke last week and it made me miserable but it's ok now so these periods don't last long. :)

Just in from work,

Thanks for the confidence boost, hanging on x

Well done tracey you have done soooo well, keep hanging in there girl, I really hope it passes soon for you xx

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