15 months done

Oh what a difference a year makes! I still can't believe that I don't have to smoke any more. If anybody out there is a few weeks into their quit and starting to wonder if it's worth it, the answer is HELL YEAH. I'm saving a fortune, feel much healthier and no I never miss them now.

It became clearer as I moved through the rooms that smoking was not something I chose to do. It was something I had to do because I was an addict. I wanted a cigarette because I was addicted to nicotine not because it gave me any pleasure. That's why there's no such thing as one puff because that puts you right back to being an addict again. If I smoke 1 there's 10 000 expensive, cancer sticks lined up behind it which I will have to smoke so why smoke that one.

Stick to your guns, say NOPE and come out the other side. Smoking is just a stressful pain in the butt that you don't need in your life.

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  • Well done Sued - truly is great to come through to the other side;)

  • Here here sued well said!

  • Well said, am following your foot steps


  • As am I. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Well said sued :) Lovely to hear the successes here xx

  • Wonderful success Sue, you must be so proud, you have done brilliantly, I hope I can say those same words in 11 months time, it doesn't seem possible right now but I don't suppose it did for you either 5 weeks in? Xxx

  • You are so right Donna. You are so full of doubt in the first 3 months. Well I was anyway. I was afraid of failing half the time as I knew the damage I was doing to myself but the other half of the time I was terrified of succeeding as then I'd have to survive without my 'friends'. Just goes to show how much of a see saw quitting is. It's really hard to believe that what you saw as such an important/essential part of your life is totally forgotten a year on. It will be the same for you in 11 months time.

  • Brillaint Sued, well done. :)

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