Int not smokin' brilliant?

Anyone else remember the Fast Show? It's been stuck in my head all day...

Anyway. Brilliant things about not smoking: New quitters, I'm on day, um...16. I just thought I'd post a few early-days benefits to show you the light at the end of the tunnel :D I know there's all those 'benefits timetables' out there, but when I started my quit, I really wasn't sure if any of that was true. It is, apparently. So, in no particular order...

1: My skin's getting better. The quit-zits have gone, hoorah, but even better, I'm noticing wrinkles improving, already, especially the round-the-mouth ones. YAY!

2: All the great advice has led me to believe that drinking water's the bestest thing. So I've been doing just that. Now, I've never been a fan of water, unless it's boiled and combined with a good strong tea-bag. But since forcing myself to drink water through my early craves, I've realised water's great - to the extent that anything else to drink tastes a bit too strong. Especially alcohol - so, added bonus, I'm not drinking booze :D (NB g&t doesn't count, coz it's mostly t.)

3: Money. I'm actually saving more than just the cost of tobacco, coz in my local shop you have to spend more than a fiver to use a card, and my teeny pouches of baccy were four quid-odd, so I always had to add something else, like a bottle of wine (easily another fiver - gasp.) (To buy bigger pouches would have been to admit I wasn't about to give up any day now. So I bought small ones. Almost daily. Nonsense.)

4: ENERGY! I've noticed I've got masses and masses more of it. I'm going to bed earlier, getting up earlier, and generally don't need as much sleep. So I'm getting SO much more done, including actual exercise :D My legs get tired before I get breathless. That's BIG!

5: Self respect. Well hello there, haven't seen you for years.

6: General sense of well-being and buzzy-ness. Like being very slightly drunk while completely stone-cold sober, if that makes any sense at all.

So bust on through the tough times, there are lovely things to look forward to very quickly. :)

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  • Your positivity is ooozing...and rightly so! Motivating to read and muchos well dones to you for your non smoking life.

  • Hope it helps a little bit Bex :) Just think, when you get going, you can have all those lovely positive feelings, AND a lovely pregnant glow! (Unless it's not you who's which case, someone pass me the shoe-horn...)

  • I'm with you on the energy one, I've honestly never walked as much in my life, but I'm loving it, I'm trying not too eat do much and I am pretty disciplined about it, I will look good in a bikini in Florida :cool::cool:. Well done on reaching day 16 x

  • Ooooh Florida! How lush to have something like that to reward yourself with! Lucky you :D

    I really didn't expect the energy thing - I've always been pretty active. But it's a HUGE difference isn't it? Keep on keeping on x

  • Energy levels up , appetite up, quitters flu gone but have a sore throat , coughed up some crap , feel clean..! Mouth feels fresh but gums bleed when I floss , loving being a non smoker though very proud of myself.:)

  • The sense of pride and achievement's so great isn't it BrianP? Love it :) - hope your sore throat goes away soon though. x

  • Pahaha yes, relax...I am the preggers one! Tried to reply to your comment on my post but it kept saying 'blank comment not allowed' or somethin.

  • Phew! I really was certain, until my finger hovered over the post button, then doubts crept in!

    Hope your day has been good Bex x

  • Your doing amazingly incy!!! And keep listing these're giving me something to aim for!! Although not sure I can embrace water the way you have! Enjoy my coffee and wine too much :-( prob should try drinking it bit more often though, might help my quit-zits clear up!! Xx

  • Never ever thought I'd embrace water either alleycat - I always found it really dull...I could not have been more surprised to develop a liking for it!

  • Hmm..should keep trying eh!! Xx

  • Great motivational post. Enjoyed reading. Thanks x

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