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No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Can't believe its now 6 days first week almost behind me. Not too bad first thing this morning but then went to our local bar for morning coffee and wow did I have a battle. Here in Spain cigarettes are generally only sold in registered tobaccos or machines in the bars. Well there I sat in the lovely Spanish sun next to the tobacconist and a cig machine and all I thought about was smoking. It was torture. However I stayed strong and once I got home all cravings all but disappeared. It proved to me that a lot of cravings are a state of mind and not really craves. I'll be back at the same bar tomorrow hope I've learned a lesson not to let my mind take over again.

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Well done Spanish, each time you beat a trigger point it loses a lot, if not all, of its power :)

I'd say that you are doing particularly well because you've also got sunny days to contend with, which are an added trigger.

You're right, a large part of this addiction is psychological and you identifying that speaks well for the future :)

Almost a week already, you must be thrilled! :)


Wow is it 6 days already...well done on beating the crave, makes you feel so powerful and confident. You are really doing so well :-D


Just the thought of sun, outside dining and cigarettes in abundance makes me think - danger! Well done you for resisting temptation!


That is sooooo great Spanisheyes :)

It should be easier tomorrow, as Captain says - fingers crossed for you!

Nearly a week...woohoo!


Day 7 almost there... congratulations!!! :)


Almost a week! You'll be able to carry your success from yesterday to today's visit. Jealous of the cafe life in the Spanish sunshine :cool:. I'll put smiley sunglasses on in support of you.


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