I have completed quit Day 2. It's been okay. Actually, I'm really impressed with myself! Still feeling that I'm missing something, eating quite a bit - snacking (fine), feeling tired/sleepy, a bit washed out. Positives? I'll take my mouth watering more than usual as a positive, and a tingly feeling in my forearms and hands; my morning cough/hack stops almost immediately when I stop smoking. Then there's the invisible bonuses, of having no nicotine or carbon monoxide in my system. I really do like that one.

Do I feel secure in my non-smoking status? To be honest, no I don't. It feels precarious with the tussle still going on (but I'm winning that at the moment), and there are challenges ahead. I'm now back at home after a weekend away, back to my familiar environment. It feels okay though. And work tomorrow, Monday morning, monotonous days at a computer. I should be good though as I did a day and a half last week without going outside for a smoke, and said no thanks to colleagues a couple of times when invited to join them. Out for a drink with an ex-smoker colleague one night so that will not be a problem.

Her's to quit Day 3.:D:D Thanks to everyone whose posted positive comments. It really does help focus me.

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  • Well done, good for you managing on a weekend so early, I found the first weekend so difficult and I was 5 days in, just try and get through minute by minute, I find saying to myself "I might smoke again, I'm just not going to smoke today" helps me xx

  • Thanks Jess. Yes, I can see I'll be breaking my work days down into compartments for now - pre-work, morning, lunch etc. I won't smoke before work, I won't smoke this morning.....

  • Well done you! Brilliant post. Recognise all those feelings, Have you tried taking a deep breath and realising it doesn't make you cough? Isn't is amazing how quickly we start to heal? While you are in the eating phase ( I made up the 'eating phase' but go with me here, lol) try something citric, it blew my mind! I was chatting to Karri re the wonderment of lemon merguine pie, my taste buds went ballistic!

    Keep up the fantastic work x

  • Thanks Caroline. Hopefully I'll be out and running my couch to 5k again soon (watch this space!). I'll try your citric test; bet it makes my eyes water. My problem at the moment is my wonderment might be a WHOLE lemon meringue pie, not an occasional slice.

    Where do the coloured bars come from that some people have under their names? I note yours are full and I have zero!

  • Yes, I've eaten miles too much, lemon merguine shortage up in Essexland due to my quit, but haven't cared as this quit takes priority.

    Don't know about the coloured things. x

  • Great stuff walkabout, you're doing so well and I'm really chuffed for you :)

    Don't sound so surprised with yourself, you're made of tougher stuff than you think!

    A word of caution though, alcohol is a very powerful quit killer and I've seen many, many quits blown sky high because of it. I know your friend doesn't smoke, but alcohol drops your defences and I'd hate to see it happen to you. Don't drink too many that thoughts of "just one puff" or "just one" enter your mind. If they don't know, tell your friend that you've quit and not to let you have any.

    You're now doing what 2 days ago you were unsure you could do, protect what you've achieved so far and don't blow it for that extra drink.

    Good man, here's to Day 3 :)

  • I'll definitely be wary Capitan. It will only be two pints after work. They know I'm taking the champix and was still smoking, and thought #i was daft! So they will be pleased to hear I'm not smoking. He was a smoker too. But, I'm on my guard.

  • Take a look at this new thread walkabout, especially posts 1 & 4. A really good warning about complacency from a man who has had a 4 year quit and a couple of other 1 year plus quits. NOPE really is the way to go...

  • Good stuff walkabout. The feeling of being washed out and the tingly feeling is all too familiar. .. and eating more too. It is time for your body to rebuild itself and it will take a while but stay with it and you can reap all of the reward in the future... it looks like it has started already:)

  • Congratulations!!!! You're doing so well! Dont forget if you've done two days you can definitely do 3!!! Its only one steps! And that little voice will get weaker everyday (so am told!)

    Be proud of your achievements so far xx

  • Just got through my first weekend too, we deserve to be proud of ourselves.

  • Well done, I knew you could do it...I had the tingly feeling and still get it , have a hacking cough now after a week but glad makes me realise my body is mending....good luck for today, stay strong....the bars are for people liking your posts...I will like some of yours and it should go up :-)

  • Thanks for all the supportive comments everyone. Really appreciated.

    Well, this third day has been my hardest, I think because I'm back into my routine home and work life. However, I'm pretty pleased that I'm less than 5 hours away from completing quit day 3. Again, the main problem has been the mind tug of war - I want a cigarette/no I don't and on, and on..................and I have been getting a bit edgy as a result. Physically, I've a bit of a headache, I think due to the tussling, a bit of a cough, tingling in my arms still, hot flushing still, but I slept so well last night; I see all these in a positive light.

    At the worst points this morning, fuelled by my going to work, one thing that certainly helped keep me going was wanting to reach the quit Day 3 group. Anyway, early days, I still haven't smoked and I'm pretty pleased with myself.

  • You should be posting this proudly in the Day 3 room walkabout, not the Day 2 room! :p

    Keep moving rooms and moving down the board towards the Penthouse, I found it an added incentive :)

    You're doing fabulously well and everything you're feeling regarding the "do I" / "don't I" routine is totally normal. As long as you keep coming down on the "don't I" side you'll be fine :)

    What do you do for a living? Is there anything you could do to take your mind off smoking when those thoughts arise?

    Keep taking it 1 minute or 1 hour at a time, you're doing this, just keep on doing it! :)

  • Ah, I was holding back from the Day 3 room until I had completed Day 3. Just didn't want to tempt fate. I'll go straight to the next room this evening then as I've entered quit Day 4.

    I'm office based, mainly at a computer. My breaks have been generally to go for a cigarette. Today I didn't really take a break, but I did say no thanks when someone invited me to join for a cigarette. Eating fruit or a carrot, drinking water, having a chat to a colleague, going for a walk with good strong breathing I can use.

  • Ah the hot flushes....they do stop but I thought I had prompted early menopause on day are really doing great...Just think you won't ever have to go through all this again..

  • Yes, they are odd. They sort of just come over me, from nowhere. It can't be the nicotine leaving as that I.m told is gone now. Maybe it's the other muck!

  • Soo happy for ya!!! You're doing really well! Stay strong! Xx

  • I will, and thanks. You'll be here soon.

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