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Day 11


Well I joined yesterday after a tough day 9 and day 10 was no better. Husband smokes and he seems fed up with my struggle already. Despite this though I did not smoke and I won't today either. I feel positive even though I'm out of sorts. Think the penny dropped when reading this forum that the only way to go is to believe smoking is not an option. I have done this before and lost but for today I'll deal with today.

Great support on my welcome all cheers.

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Good morning AnnMarie :)

Well done you for sticking with it while the man still smokes! That's extra tough. I can say from experience though that I've been where he is - my other half quit a few years ago, and I tried to do it with him but just wasn't ready. And when he kept at it I felt guilty, and stupid for still smoking, coz we all know how much better it would be to quit, which made me moody and not really terribly supportive...He may be feeling a bit like that?

One day at a time's good, or one hour, or sometimes even one minute I reckon!

Best of luck today x


Thank You for that it helps to look at like this. I did say the other day to carry on as normal because this was about me and I could do it but in reality it's not easy!!

Have a great day today you are going good x


Stick with it AnnMarie, we're all here to help x


Good work Anne Maroe, before you know it you will be at two weeks and you never know your husband might join forces with you, I know how hard it is my hubby started 14 days ago with me and then went back after 12 days so it's hard to keep the momentum but with this forum and dogged determinination we will do it, just remember NOPE ;)


Well done on reaching Day 11 Annmarie, in just 3 days you will have done 2 whole weeks - fabulous! :)

What's also impressive is that you've done it with a smoker living in the house! I never had that problem and I take my hat off to you. :)

Until a smoker is ready, they can never be told that quitting is the sensible option, so tend to have no time, or cannot or don't want to understand a smoker that wants to quit. You never know, maybe the penny will drop with your hubby and he will join you, but there's no point in trying to convince him or even suggest it to him. Until he is ready he won't listen and will just dig his heels in even further.

As you said, you are doing this for yourself, so be selfish about it! :p


You're doing really well!!!!! I'm having same issue with my other half...he's saying the right things but get the feeling he's sick of listening to me already and I haven't even stopped completely yet! You know you're doing the right thing and I like your attitude "today I'll deal with today"!!! One battle at a time :-)


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