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Heading into 3rd weekend

So another Friday night, heading into my 3rd weekend not smoking. Had a day off today and really didn't think about Smoking at all, didn't ' really do much as I have a confession to make, I'm such a tomboy, I'm football daft and its been a huge day for my Football club today so have been glued to Sky Sports all day. :D:D

Weekends are when I struggle most, but tomorrow I'm working all day, normally just work the morning but got asked to do all day and agreed, so hoping I get through another weekend unscathed and into my 4th week on Tuesday x

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I was dreading last weekend so it was a perfect storm and just what I needed to light up...this weekend have loads planned, can't drug the kids so hoping to exhaust them lol..

Well done on getting through two...I can't wait to have stopped a are doing great x


I no what you mean my 2 are 13 & 10, my youngest (boy) is always on the go, he's never tried always running about on his scooter, bike, my daughter is just a typical teenager she's on a sleepover tonight so thank God I'm working all day tomorrow as she will be a nightmare, she will be my husband's problem lol x


Well done! Well be a very pretty CLASS of 2015 :)))) there's so many of us in here and I don't see anyone losing it ! We are so going to make it LOL

Note to Jess09, my cravings stopped at that stage, I wish you the same luck.

There's a difference between thinking about the fags and wanting to smoke them, I still think about them a lot, but I do not want to smoke at all.

...Every day after lunch I still get up and go put my jacket on, and then I realize...ohhh! I don't need to go outside :) I read an article that said it's 21 days to lose a habit, hang in there.


My boys are 8 and 21 months and my daughter is 3...I am dreading the teenage years and will probably start drinking...can see why you offered to work all day lol x


Thank you Karri, how are things with you? I no saving all my pennies, I'm lucky though living where we do cost of living is nothing compared to down south, cities, I'm also extremely lucky, my OH has an amazing job and we can afford to go to Florida every year, my kids unfortunately don't grasp how lucky they are, my 13 year old, like every other teenager, expects an IPhone, ipad, kitted out in £50 hoodies, suppose I am a soft parent, but def going to spend more on me now x


Well done Jess tuesday isnt that far away now and you going into anew room to post :D

oh the joys of motherhood :rolleyes: i remember them well

now being a nanny is so much more fun my daughter moans about them both but when i am well enough to have them to stay they are both such good company and bring alot of love giggles and light into my life oh and not forgetting the cuddles nothing better then having them both sitting next to me and snuggling down to watch a film

hope you have a good day even if you are working at least it will keep you busy

onwards and upwards is the only way to go :D


You're losing your marbles Jess! :p

You should be proud and posting in the Week 3 room, not the Week 2 room as you are, this room is so last week :p

After this, only one more weekend and you'll be at the month mark. 1 whole month! :)

Be proud, it's a magnificent achievement :)


Ha ha your right Capitan, never even noticed, it was late on Friday night, or that's my excuse anyway :D:o


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