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first time with a smoker

Evening all, just passed over to day 10 which i am so pleased about. Bit nervous about tomorrow as it will be the first day i will be spending with my mum who is a heavy smoker. Haven't had to be in that situation yet as school holidays and oh doesn't smoke. any tips? Not expecting much in the way if support as haven't in the past as i guess smokers don't like being faced with people giving up?? Xx

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Chewing gum, sweets, something to fiddle with. My special son likes loom bands which were a fantastic distraction in the early days. X


Hi Chloe, hopefully your mum won't smoke as much as she normally would around you today, 10 days is still early on so I applaud you for facing it head on, I literally shut myself away for a month lol not the answer though, I hope you have a lovely day xx


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