First day as a non-smoker

Had my last roll-up at 8pm last night :)

I always get up really early .. usually 4 - 5am .. and have to say I really did miss my first coffee and cigarette ritual. But so far things are far better than I imagined they would be - even though my husband has delayed his giving up for a couple of days (something to do with a game of golf this week :rolleyes: )

I have had moments when I really do fancy one but it hasn't changed me into a 'woman from hell' .... apart from snapping at my husband for obviously hiding from me in the supermarket and taking 20 minutes to be found .... oh yes, and shouting at both cats for trying to trip me up at the top of the stairs and kill me .... and then there was .....blah blah blah ... moan moan moan ... see ... I'm fine :o :eek:

Hope you're all having a good one



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  • Congratulations. Glad it's going ok - what are husbands there for if not to be shouted at?! :D

  • Well done Ali!!!!

    Come and moan here whenever u need to!!! We all do it and alot of times its not related to smoking!!!

    First fews days are the hardest, your routine and the lack of nicotene do funny things to you, but you can do it and it does get easier.

    Stay strong :D

  • Hi Ali

    Must admit to havin a go at hubby a few times, not that he didn't deserve it (especially finding and smoking my last hidden ciggie in the cupboard and trying to wind me up all the time). He is hopefully going to stop soon also - what a fun home that will be!

    At least we have this site to moan and get some of our stresses out :D

    Good luck!


    Day 3 yippee

  • Thank you all for your support .. it really does mean a lot to me. It's more difficult knowing my husband is sneaking out for cigarettes but he'll be joining the quit tomorrow :)

    Think I'm going to try and have a walk along the beach after work - I love walking but never really made the time before.

    Hope you all have a good smiley day :)

    Take care



  • Hi Ali

    Good Luck for today and enjoy your walk later - definetly a good idea!

    Take care ;)

    Whitto x

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