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Hi everyone, new and old.

I’m nearly at that year point or at least I will be January 1st 2009.

I have to say I have missed most of the people and certainly the banter on here. I have to admit to being the odd one out it seems. On occasions, when out of the country, I have had the odd few cigarettes but luckily have put them down immediately on my return. I don’t recommend this in any way, merely being honest about where I am. I also don’t expect to be picked apart or offered advice for admitting to this also. As we can see quite clearly, we are all different!!

My stats read as follows and I am very proud of my achievement after nearly 30 years on the weed:

My name is Gary I have stopped nicotine for 11 months, 10 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes and 53 seconds (345 days).

I've not smoked 10366 death sticks, and saved £2,891.43. I've saved 35 days, 23 hours and 48 minutes of my life.

Happy Christmas to you all and have a happy prosperous New Year. :D

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Hiya Fatlad!!!!!!!

Good to see you.

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi Gary

Good to hear from you again,

Not going to pick you apart, your quit is your own business manage it as you wish and if your way works for you that's all that counts, congratulations. Sounds like Russian roulette to me though :D:D

Best wishes and have a great smoke free Christmas.



My stats read as follows and I am very proud of my achievement after nearly 30 years on the weed

Nice one Gary, and it's quite an achievement :cool:

No picking from me either, you explained your position very well and (while it's not something I could ever do) if it works for you then thats all that matters.

That's some pretty impressive stats.

hey blub!!!!

good to see ya!!

(might have missed ya a bit!)

Hi Gary

Hope you have a fab christmas. xxx

Nice to see my fat buddies are still around..............:rolleyes:

Glad to see you are all ok and TKD is still a w****r :D :)

Love you all x

Nice to see u FINALLLY fessed up xxxxxxxxxxxxx


MY stats read

Lasted 8 whole months then went on holiday........still on holiday from NOT smoking - heres to NYD 2009 x

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free


I really hope you crack it next year!

Best wishes


Best wishes with the new quit Jojo

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