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Day 24.


Hit week 3 without even realising!! Thought I'd better post in case some may think I've fallen of the wagon as it were.:)

For me CT is the way to go, I haven't thought about lighting up, I feel fitter, healthier and boy doesn't smoking smell?? I can tell a smoker from 50 yards now, as my scene of smell has come back.

I've saved £152,82 in 24 days. And I haven't smoked a whopping 470 cigarettes!!

Thank you all for the continued support, this forum really has helped me as I'm sure it's helping many more people stop smoking. Keep up the good work guys.:D

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It helps me to Ian, well done that man 😃

Oh Ian- nice one mate! :D Nearly a whole month under your belt. You clearly have the mindset to make this the last ever quit. If ever there was a Penthouse certainty it's you.

May your Week Four race by. :)

I so enjoy these positive post, doing a fantastic job for your self.

Thumbs up, doing brilliant, just keep going

Wow three weeks already, really well done. Great positive approach too.

Thanks Guys. :)

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