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Fell off the wagon

Hello everyone. I'm so ashamed I am posting this. Stopped last January for 6 months and after a slip up in the summer I stopped again on 4th August. Went to a party at the end of December and had 4 fags. I can't believe I did it but the result of course is that 3 weeks later I am still smoking. Help please? Really want to stop. Can't use patches but don't know if there's anything new I can try (apart from a good slap round the face!)

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Hi Fiona

Welcome back to the forum, and there's nothing to be ashamed about. For many of us here, it's not our first attempt at quitting.

I couldn't use patches either. For about the 1st 10 days I used an e-cig last thing at night. It made breaking the habit a bit gentler. It was easy to ditch the e cig even though I was still craving the real thing. The only NRT I could use was 1mg lozenges. I smoked quite a lot but I still found the 2mg ones too much for me. The most important thing to remember is something I learnt here - NOPE - not one puff ever.

Good luck and look forward to hearing how you are getting on.


So lovely to have you with us, one of those dates is my sons birthday, so I,m on to you, lol

You can quit, hundreds do so.

Just post and read bit by bit, but just keep going, as you know the withdrawal symptoms do subsided .

Keep going


Welcome back Fiona and as the others have said, you have nothing to be ashamed of. :)

I think TG has a point- as you've twice managed to get a fair chunk of time under your belt before succumbing it does suggest a psychological barrier is the problem. Possibly you still feel you're somehow being deprived of something? If so, you may well find Allen Carr or similiar may be just what you need. Hypnosis might be worth considering as well- anything that will potentially change your inner mind-set if that is, indeed, the problem.

Re the NRT, I found the lozenges (I used the 1.5mg) were extremely helpful (I used patches too but only for a few weeks). Just knowing I had them to hand made all the difference and actually, I rarely found I needed to use them in anger as it were. Again, I think the advice to access a local smoking cessation service if you have one is a good idea- a tailor-made package could be really helpful.

Whatever you do, stick around and let us know how things are going.


Cheers everyone. Yes, I need a plan I think. Definitely guilty of the just one puff thing. Going away to have a think about setting a date look at other posts. Already seen one about a book that looks useful.


Hi ya.... ive only just come on this site for the first time. but i started smoking two years ago after stopping for seven years after having just that one puff of a ciggie.... im on day four and struggling, but going to try hard as I felt the same as you with your post... only thing keeping me going is the fact ive got a health issue... but when i gave up for those seven years I did read the book called Alan Carr!!!! which has been mentioned. If youve not read it before, it really does work... I tried reading it again, but it wasnt the same, so I know ive got to use a different method.... but the book does work.. look on amazon and there are different types.. think there is one just for woman on giving up smoking. Have a look and it costs only a few pound on amazon second hand.... i gave up that first time because I realised I spent most of my time being down about smoking and saw how much of a negative impact it was taking on me mentally. Every time i gave up smoking then had that one puff, I would kick myself and feel so guilty, but I did it. Then I started seven years later!!!! on that one puff.. But all I can say its been one big learning curve, as I now know when I get through this period of stopping smoking again (Im into day 4) is that I know I wont be able to ever have that one puff again.... Its been very hard this time, and is hard...... you can do it, so seriously try the book... good luck..


Yeah I have read the book before and stopped for 6 months. Then again I wasn't as determined as I am now. If I didn't have this forum then I would have read the book again.


Hi Fiona, good you came back to the forum. I'm in the first week of my last ever quit. You have 3 massive advantages going into this final quit. 1. You have quit before 2. You now know you can never have 'just one ciggy'. 3 You know that you don't want to smoke.

Make a plan. Pick a day and make it stick. Wish you all the best 😃


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