back at day 3

I was last here over 2year's ago. Back then I was using champix and I lasted a few weeks before having the odd 1 here and there. then I was back full time smoking before I knew it. I've tried a few quits since then and not lasted more than a couple of days so at the start of the year I got a new script for champix and have quit again. Hopefully for the last time.

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  • Good to meet you too. Thanks

  • Hello come on in close the door, kettle on, great decision to quit , those days are passing nicely your doing great, as you know we are a lovely bunch on here with a huge collective knowledge on various methods of quitting, so please post and read.

    I did notice you said hopefully in your quest for freedom of the nicotine, let's say this is the quit that counts, because you are doing it your quitting, that's brilliant

  • Hello LBP they say quitting is like a puzzle and each time we quit we gain a new piece which helps to complete the puzzle and I feel that's true for a lot of us. Well done for trying again

  • Welcome Home Lungs (good name by the way! :))

    With the lovely lot on the forum to support and encourage you I am sure that this time you'll find your quit is the Forever Quit.

    I shall look forward to hearing how it is all going and will (of course) be cheering you onwards.

  • Thank you all for the warm welcome!!! Tracey i'm with you, this is the quit that counts!!! no more hopefully about it. As Gerti said this is like a puzzle and I see the experiences of failing my last quit as finding the last piece in the puzzle i.e. dont get cocky, you cant get away with a cheaky cig with the lads and expect not to start the cycle again.

    Now I have to take all the pieces and day by day put them together.

  • Welcome back Lungs :) good luck with this x

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