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Struggling a little


Struggling a little this morning. Just woke up with the monster nagging at me. He's not going to win but just wanted to post to see if it helps. Weather is bad so its taking forever to get into work so I'm stressing which is probably what the trigger is.

Just reminding myself its just a thought and thoughts can be changed. If I was to give in I'd be back in the pit and it wouldn't be just one it would end up being back to my usual.

I don't want to be a smoker so today I choose to listen to the narker in my head but to show him I'm in control here!

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GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Well done for resisting. You don't want to have to go through all the past couiple of weeks again, just for the sake of one brief stress relief (which will probably cause more stress than it saves).

You're doing great Mrs Mash xx

Can you plan a little reward for yourself for today or this evening, even if you don't feel like buying something, make yourself, I find its a very good tactic x

Thanks everyone, feeling better now. Think it might have been hunger too, nothing a bit of cake can't help ;-)

Tea, monster's running a mile, I told him you were coming for him lol!

Love that idea Gerti, I think I'll schedule in a nice bath with lots of candles and a good book this evening!

Thanks again lovelies!

Lol, great pic Kat, really helping with my visualization of knocking his block off lol.

You're doing really well - it's that phase where the novelty and adrenaline of the initial quit is turning into something longer term so less 'exciting' (but hopefully more deep rooted). I know I went through the same on Sunday but just repeating NOPE and seeing the support of others on this forum will pull you through. I like the idea of a 'monster to whack'. There is particularly horrid laughing dog that my daughter was given some years ago, I may 'borrow' that and vent any physical frustrations!!!

Keep up the good work.

Dear Mrs M,

Nothing I can add to the wise, spot-on and lovely advice & comments that have already been made other than to send you a virtual pat on the bag for hitting the nasty little slug over the head and sending him on his way.

I quite agree- this is the Forever Quit. :)

Now, I do hope you will indulge yourself this evening. It's chilly outside so a nice, warm, foamy bath along with some complimentary chocolate would seem like a good call to me.

Mmm that photo didn't upload too well!!

Well done on pulling through today it sounds like it was a hard one this morning. Your photo looks so small on my mobile it could easily be mistaken for something else! I take it it must be quite cold where you are.

Where do you both live that you have snow? In england its just wind and rain

Northern Ireland, plus I live up a mountain so we get it worse than everyone else. Another snow day today :)

Ah, the joys of the white stuff, certainly is a nice distraction. Plenty of that here. Went sledging with El Kiddos at the weekend, with proper sledges and tubes. Most fun I've had in a while, and no monster lurking trying to pull me aside for a sly one. Could have been a little warmer though, at -25C one's beard, moustache, nose and mouth tend to freeze up. At least it had warmed up a little, last week we were dealing with -40C, you just don't go outside other than to get to or from the car. And to think that I would "happily" trudge outside to smoke in those conditions, was I mad??? Ok, you got me, I'll always be mad.

Hope your snow stays white for a while, I don't care for muddy snow.

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