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Day 8 - update


One of those push on through days, which I will be glad to see the back off......:mad:

I have wanted to smoke from the moment I got up, or rather, I have been thinking about smoking from the moment I got up!

Still, I have the N.O.P.E mantra which is working for me, and the sight of all the Jan 2014 quitters entering the Penthouse one after another is really giving me hope that I can do this

Hope my fellow 2015 quitters are still marching onward - soon be double figures!



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Great that you have pulled through for today, sounds like it has been such a hard one. I welcome you to my spa on Saturday

Nice one Mina I am struggling to get back into so badly... Day 2 for me :/ xxx

Hi Mina. Glad that you are still staying strong. One of the hardest parts in week 2 so far, for me at least, is that I was so focused on the one week target and the benefits each day brings, that I feel a little 'adrift' today. The thought of the virtual spa for we January 2015 quitters is keeping me going!

Tonight was my first pub quiz since quitting. I stayed inside by the log burner, all cosy and warm, whilst my partner crept outside for a fag. We were with non-smoking friends luckily and I felt rather smug when he came back in stinking with the fumes. Little moments like that make it all worthwhile.

NOPE can keep us going through the bad days as well as the support from each other. Has anybody heard from Jim? Hope he is still with us.

This time next year, Mina, we'll be cheering you (and your fellow Jan 2015 quitters) home. Good on you girl, and keep that handbag in your sights :D

It's so lovely to read your into week two how time passes, yes this year is going to be the one.

Just keep going Mina, if the craves get tough, please post,

Well done Mina

Well done Mina!

Well done Mina. hopefully I will be joining you in the penthouse January 2015. We can do this!!

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