Still here

Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while what with Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately I was ill for New year and spent three days in bed. Still not right now but lots of people are saying there are some nasty bugs around at the moment. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break.

On the plus side, being ill mean't eating less and not drinking much alcohol so I got through it with hardly any weight gain (back on diet now) and not much risk of smoking. At a party last weekend the host decided people could smoke inside later in the evening, which is about when I left as thought the smell didn't really bother me I didn't want my clothes to smell!

Anyway I have now been smoke free for 221 days and not smoked 2654 cigarettes which would have taken me 11 whole days!! :D:D

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  • Well done and I hope your feeling very proud xx

  • Aw bless you, I to have heard some seriously nasty bugs around, sending the get well vibe your way.

    Great your still going strong. Job well done

  • Welcome back Nicki, and may that be the only lurgy you suffer from this winter (indeed, I think you've paid your dues for 2015 altogether from the sound of it). Many congratulations- you're positively steaming along. :)

  • Hope you feel better soon. Well done on 221 days, that's great.

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