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Day 6

Hey all,

So I took the decision to join the rest of the January quitters on new years day and am still going. I'm on high strength patches at the moment and will probably stay on them for a few weeks at least. I'd love to say I was going CT but I've tried and failed with that too many times to take the risk!

I started smoking when I was 17 (6 years back now) with a 9-month quit in 2012. A few too many Christmas Eve drinks saw that one off - I WON'T be making that mistake again! I used the forum last time and found it a great help to hear the success stories of others and to chat with those going through the same stages as me.

So I'm hoping it will be of similar use this time. I'm feeling pretty strong at the moment but you never know when the next craving is coming.

I'll report back on day 7!

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Great to have you with us TP!! Definitely strength in numbers and I have found huge help from reading the posts of others in the same situation (or those who have been through it and come out intact on the other side).

We 2015 quitters are a tenacious bunch - almost made it to the end of the first week. Hooray for us ;)


This is the year people are having new quits, so a warm welcome from me, any problems please post , I did indeed use the patch method, great aren't they.

Look forward to your up dates

Welcome aboard


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