Week 2--I cannot believe I'm here :-))

Oh my thank you ALL so much for the lovely messages yesterday and today !! I have actually got through yesterday and am now into WEEK 2, NOT day 7 anymore !!

Yesterday was the most awful feeling I can remember ever having ! I was so so upset, lost, annoyed and every other negative feeling going. Whereas today WOW what a difference. Been to work, went straight for a swim ans sauna after and hey I feel brilliant and it's thanks to all you people out there who take the time and effort to jot your support down for me, I am oooooo so grateful THANK YOU all..I am now in the same forum as minnieminxz and i so wish you all so so well in your early days too, and also for the long term Ex smokers out there, you are great !!!! :);)

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  • Hi Dee :D

    WOW into week 2 well done you are doing great

    Glad yesterday is just that and a bad memory for you to put behind you where it belongs You coped well with what must have been ghastly for you

    but you came through like a trooper



  • Xxxxxxxxxx thanks marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Deedee, Ive found the same thing bad days and you wonder how you are going to get through then a good day, they say the good days get more and the bad less I am looking forward to that X

  • Week 2

    Well done to you my love too-it's not a total easy ride but the good outweighs the bad by far.. You keep going too and ty for replying xx

  • Whoop whoop Dee!T

    By the time you read this you'll be day 9!! Whooo!

    You are doing just fab :) :)

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