day 38

Woohoo still here, survived xmas and new year :D

went to the cinema, it cost £20ish for 2 people. The hobbit was great. I thought it would be long but it wasnt too bad.

I have cut down on my lozengers alot. I think thats due to not being at work. I need to log when I have them and work out if I have a rythum and which ones I can do without. Thats my goal over the next few weeks

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  • However you work at you quit is fine, we all approach it differently , we just all have the same long term goal, to be nicotine free, but no rush on the lozenge,

    Such a joy to read your posts, fantastic, and I bet The Hobbit, was so worth the money, with all that cash not spent on smokes,

  • Way to go Sparkle :)

  • thanks guys. I think Robin Williams made a few films before his passing. There was a new xmas film he made too.

    Had a stressy moment at lunch, nearly got ran over by an old lady on a motorised kart. She must have been doing 40mph Crazy how fast they can go. Also had a stupid boyfriend moment. He needed a kick up the backside. Im back at work now and someone has bought donuts. Peace has been restored :-D

  • You have a way with words Sparkle- your post did make me laugh! Perhaps you should have set the old lady in the moorised kart on your boyfriend...:D

    Many, many congratulations on your Day 38- not far from your half century now. The weeks are fair flying by aren't they? I can see the Penthouse is definitely in your sights. :)

  • Thanks skiddaw. yes time is flying by. It will be xmas again before we know it!!

    ***sending glitter to all the quitters****

  • Lovely to see you doing so well Sparkle. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the cinema.

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