2nd attempt at CT

Ok here goes again. Day 4 of CT. Didn't plan it but merely forgot to put the patch on for 2 days so thought I might as well try CT again. Feeling fine right now. Wonder if the Allen Carr book helped??? Last time I tried I was pulling my hair out but I'm strangely calm this time. Oh does anyone know how long it will be for the nicotine to be out of my system?? Will I feel any different being nicotine free as opposed to cigarette free?? 12 weeks today too!!! 😀😀 x

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  • Over the years I have quit a few times using patches and each time I dropped down to a smaller patch I had a day or so where I was uneasy. When I stopped using them altogether I had a day or so of feeling uneasy. Keeping busy got me thru them days and they wasn't major. I am going to snip bits of my patches this time which is a tip I picked up on this forum and for me I think it will work. The very best of luck to you Delores and please update as I would like to see how you get on xxx

  • Just popping my head in, always lovely to read your doing ok, massive congratulations from me, it is indeed a wonderful time as we see the weeks ticking off.

    Here's to you next week, how fantastic, smoke and nicotine free, I agree just go with it, if you find you need a little help, use a lozenge.

    Just keep going.

  • Well done Dolores. And many congratulations on 12 weeks, that's amazing. Looking forward to seeing you in the month 4 room soon.

  • Good luck Dolores :) I went CT and it had it's moments trust me but it's nothing to be afraid of, CT has a bad reputation of being difficult, it's not easy but it's bark is worse than it's bite, I once read something about CT over the three 3's, the third day, the third week and the third month are supposed to be the worse, I though it was just a myth but it actually happened with me although it won't for all, the three 3's were dreadful by memory so keep the guard up :)

  • Oh, CT made me eat like this


  • Haha that made me laugh so much!!!! Still chuckling! Thanks for the support as ever guys! Right I might be a bit stupid here (lack of nicotine??) but I'm not quite understanding the nicotine free part duration?? So just to sum up I am cigarette free 12 weeks but nicotine free 4 days....is there more to come?? What I mean is, do I have to go through another 3 months of torture lol?? X

  • Thanks ladies! I'm not so good at explaining myself. I actually thought when reading some of the replies that quitting the nicotine would be like starting all over again (sorry my fault lol!)......got all confused and then tied myself in knots!! 😂😂😂 had this awful feeling that no-one told me it would be like going back to the beginning! Phewwweeeeee!!! Actually no I'm really good! Day 5 CT tomorrow and I am expecting this whole no smoking thing to last about a year. I'm prepared for that! Little changes suit me good! If I had to do the last 3 months again I would have laid an egg!!!!!

  • I blame Steel 😜😜😜 he mentioned the threes and I thought "hey hold up I've just done the awful threes! Oh no I have to repeat this all again!"......and then he made me laugh too much with the animation! 😆😆😆

  • Thank you TG! xxxx

  • Yep blame me that's what I'm here for lol :D


  • Really brilliant Dolores, nic out of your system within 3 days :) good for you hun xxx

  • If it is any help, Dolores, I stopped using the patches after I had a batch that just wouldn't stay attached. I lost one early in the day unawares (found it on the floor many hours later having returned from work) and realised I really hadn't noticed the difference. Based on that, I decided the patches were becoming as much a psychological aid as a physical one so I went CT and it was fine. I carried some low-strength lozenges with me for emergencies but I didn't ever need to use them.

    Good luck with it- I think you'll be absolutely fine. :)

    (And yes- whatever it is it is bound to be Steel's fault ;))

  • Thank you Donna and Skiddaw!! 😀

    Steel - you do make me laugh 😆😆😆

  • Thank you Karen xxxx

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