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Day 1 - Attempt 2


Hi all, I'm back again.

I didn't expect to quit again so soon, but after being smoke free for almost a month and going back, I feel sick with myself.

I admit, the smoking quenched my thirst for nicotine, but at the expense of my health and I've felt the effects immediately. I find it difficult to cycle again, I feel exhausted after swimming, I can no longer stay up all night.... and the other day I felt appauled

On saturday I went to my emergency first response course, which was a day-long course with very few breaks (often only toilet breaks, 2 or 3 minutes) and most just remained in the class.. while I (as the only smoker) popped outside for a quick craft ciggy which I inhaled like there was no tommorow... I felt so ashamed to walk back in the room and have people look at me.

I'm going to go Fu......Bloody mad, giving up again no doubt... But unlike my last quit attempt, theres no way my mind can justify smoking again, my body may say otherwise but my mind will prevail this time... I refuse to be socially stigmatized in front of people that should be looking up to me (other scubadivers) instead of looking at me with contempt.

I go to do my rescue diver course in october, and many of those in my EFR course from saturday will be there to attend... It'll be a long 8 hour physically intensive roleplaying session in the lake practicing rescue scenarios and situation prevent scenarios, I won't have the time to smoke, and I don't want to find excuses to go do it... I will go there, and the same people who looked upon me with disgust and shame on saturday will look at me as a self-respecting human.


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Well I for one am glad you decided to stop. Not that I want anyone to use it as an excuse, but sometimes it takes a person to cave (I did when i quit on 9th March this year) to see how pointless smoking is and how you get nothing from it. Educate yourself regarding addiction, tell yourself that caving isn't an option and eventually it will all become so much better!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome back aboard:)

You have experienced the immediate effect that excess carbon monoxide has. Your bloodstream should be carrying oxygen to your muscles but its been taking crap to them :eek:

Just think of it this way, one day you might have to put your rescue skills into practice! And having quit for life might just be able to save someone's life that you couldn't have before :cool:

Best of luck


Im glad you decided to quit again,hopefully you have learned

from your other quit and will succeed this time.......GOOD LUCK..

good luck

good luck to you i hope you do really well in your atttempt this time you can do it.


You just better get in shape.........

There are lots of us former smokers who are twice the size they were........

We will need lots............ of rescuing!!!:cool:

Hi Shadow

well done for getting back on the quit!!

Educate yourself this time by reading as much as you can.

Maybe reading Allen Carr's "Easyway" will help put the "cravings" for nicotine into some perspective. Also reading as much as possible on whyquit should also help give you a far greater understanding of what to expect as your quit moves forward.

Good luck this time and stay strong!!!!

good to see you back :)

keep at it , you will do it !!!!!!!

Welcome home Shanowx3 We are here to support you all we can. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Ps is your mum still quit.

Hello there, I've been on a photography trip and just gotten back... alas my incessant boredom and irritation in my combined 15 hour travelling proved to be a downfall... though I have been smoking, I've been doing so only once every 4 or 5 hours (as this I had to get used to during my trip since there was little time to indulge) so I feel that my dependence on it has weakened significantly enough for me to strike it down hard now. I return to college in just a few days, and will have much to occupy myself with in lieu of the summer hols which consisted of long empty days.

@ Lindaspice, Unfortunately no, my mum gave up a few hours before my first failure. but hope to convince her to give it another shot :)

sorry to hear you smoked - long journeys are a killer when newly quit - I know I avoided them for quite a few weeks after I quit...

i hope you decide to give it another go - maybe you could persuade your mum to quit with you, support each other? having said that, you have to quit for yourself and she has to quit for herself - doing it for someone else just breeds resentment...

don't know what "mewthod" you have used but strongly recommend "Champix" and Alan C's book!!

good luck, hope we see you back here as a non-smoker:D


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