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I feel like an imposter now


I don't reckon recognize hardly anyone on here no more. It feels so strange logging onto here that i'm almost thinking that i'm not part of the setup no more. Maybe that's good really because i've moved on with my life and smoking isn't part of it. Even the forum layout has changed. I think the only reason i popped back was to hopefully bump into some old faces. I suppose for nostalgia really and to see how my buddies are doing themselves.

Must admit in the days when i was heavily posting on here i met some smashing posters..I grew quite fond of a few. Well you do don't you? You strike up some good friendships and you share the highs and lows of quitting together.

For me personally time has flown by and i simply don't worry about counting time away. All i know is that i gave up on the 20th of March 2012. I won't even celebrate it because i didn't last year.

Don't know what else to say apart from good luck to all the people quitting. For me i gave up because i hated it. Many people i speak to say they enjoy it. That puzzles me. I always knew in my heart i would quit. Shame it took to long but hey ho. I'm still only 41.

Take care all

Rogue x

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Many congratulations from me too Rogue.

You're definitely not an imposter. You're one of the Penthouse Alumni and it's lovely of you to pop your head around the door. I don't think there is anyone on the forum who doesn't find it inspiring when 'old boys' drop in to show that nic-free life doesn't end at the Penthouse door. :)

You IMPOSTER! What did you do with my Brother in Arms? Bahahaha. Wow... it has gotten bright in here. Good to read that you are still doing awesome mate. I haven't been in here in ages... for some reason decided to check in on the year plus quitters today and lo and behold I see Angry Bear and Rogue posts. Wicked. High fives to everyone doing the right thing. Take care buddy... I will catch you on the flipside. Today is a feel good day.

Oh Man, I fell hard back on 2012. I was a non-smoker from May-December, rubbing shoulders with you guys and dreaming of life in the penthouse. I guess that was the practice run. This is the real deal. It's good to see some familiar faces popping in to check up on us. Keep it up, you give those of us in the early days motivation to keep going.

Thanks for the encouragement and don't ever feel like imposters. You guys are the real deal.

What a lovely, inspiring post, thankyou

Great to hear you are still enjoying being smoke free!

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