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Almost ruined my quit

Well, I went out with friends on Saturday night, mixture of smokers and non smokers, lots and lots to drink, way too much actually. I had managed to get a cigarette from somewhere and was in the process of trying to get a lighter outside when my hubby turned up to collect me so I threw the unlit cigarette and went home. Feel quite stupid as I would have been gutted when I sobered up had I smoked! I'm going to have to curb my drinking this Christmas I think. I thought I was ok now after over six months and that I could cope on nights out. Clearly not. :(:o:eek:

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You'll be fine, and you can cope on nights out, just not absolutely blotto nights out.

You smoked for 27 years so it is deeply rooted in your subconcious. That will fade (I'm nearly at 3 years and don't think about it anymore) but until that time you need to keep your senses so that your subconcious doesn't take over.

Keep doing the nights out, just remain in control of your senses :)


You showed great restraint, well done :)

I must be one of the lucky ones. I'm going out all the time at present and not once have I wanted a cig, even though a couple of mates are smokers. I have my motivation for wanting to quit and that is over-riding everything it seems :)


Don't think I qualify to say anything here, except that I'm so bloody glad you didn't smoke that one, as it only takes one right?

I remember it so well, back in Nov 2011, woke up one morning after 7 months of not smoking, but really wanting one that particular morning and here I am on my first real quit attempt since (I can only call it a"quit attempt" right now unlike you who can actually say that you are a NON SMOKER)


So happy you managed to hold on to your quit! It's easy to forget how vulnerable we are early on. Alcohol is a biggy for me and I have to have a limit whilst quit. I know this well from other attempts but they have helped somewhat this time round and maybe it can for you too:)

Bet you woke up so relieved! Must have been fate hubby arriving just on time:) xx


Nicky, so glad you held on (and that your OH arrived like the Cavalry in the nick of time). I expect that the next time you have a boozy night out you'll find it much easier actually, though I think you're right to exercise caution in terms of how blotto you get (as my friend's father used to say, when the drink's in, the wit's out...:))

Did you have an evil hangover? If so, I hope you're over it now...


Keep going hinny. Doing git good like out. :p


Thank you all for your positive comments and support. I'm so very pleased I didn't smoke. Oddly I didn't have a hangover and I have all my memories of the night where as on another recent night out I was far worse, but I was with a friend who quit smoking 18 months ago so it just wasn't an issue. Out on Sunday this week with a mixture of smokers/non smokers but two of the non smokers are my hubby and my daughter and she would snatch a cig off me. :D


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