day 14

Hi, just had my account verified so taken a while. Have gone cold turkey after a nasty virus and am on day 14. Last few days seem the same, still have cravings but nothing i can't handle. I have a taste of cigarettes and feel like i've been smoking when i haven't. Am definately eating more and have strangely gone off bacon as it is playing havoc with my new taste buds! i'm beginning to believe i can do this,

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  • Hi Caroline. Welcome to the forum and well done on your 2 weeks.

  • thanks for all the positivity :). bacon tastes just wrong atm, lol.

  • I,m so enjoying our lovely new members, how amazing you are, don't believe you can do this, YOU MY FRIEND ARE DOING IT, just keep going, please post and read often it's a huge help, and very often the forum has saved many a quit from failure.

    Great to have you on board, doing great.

  • Well done you! Of course you can do it and you are! Xx

  • Welcome to the forum Caroline!

    2 weeks is a great achievement!

    Well done:) stay positive and keep believing!:)

  • Caroline- all I can say is that I hold anyone who can successfully quit CT in the greatest of awe. You have my total respect and admiration. I know I couldn't have made it through those first few weeks without a crutch and to be starting your third week is one mighty achievement. :D

    A big welcome to the forum from me and if you don't make it to the Penthouse in fantastic style I shall be most surprised. I will very much look forward to hearing how your journey to permanent freedom progresses.

    ,,,,My only other wish for you is that your bacon aversion is soon a thing of the past...:)

  • ty, today has been a bit harder. unconsciously have peeled some skin off my lips, thinking about smoking a lot but not tempted to smoke, it's just like i feel i've forgotten to do something. i'm definately putting on weight already. keep popping back here to read the encouraging posts. :)

  • awwww ty ladies, so good to know you are there :)

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